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We only use light bulbs
category 'A'


light bulbs
category 'E'

We can conserve energy up to 80%!

When we go shopping we use a fabric bag NOT a plastic bag!

We recyle!


We use fabric diapers for our baby or disposable biodegradable diapers.


We only buy electrical appliances category 'A' or 'B'.


We build our house with ecological materials (for example straw bales).


We visit the ECOWEEK website often, we learn more about the issues and we become active citizens in in addressing the challenges of global warming!


In the Greek page we offer simple guidelines for everyday habits that if we change them, we will conserve energy and reduce our utility bills. To view the Greek page click here.

We start from simple interventions:

- We read, surf and ask to learn more.

- We turn off our electrical appliances. Not in a stand-by mode.

- We turn off the lights in the rooms we do not use.

- We change habits: we walk, take the public transporation, use the train and metro or a bicycle.

- We change habits: we do not take the elevator to go down, and we prefer to walk up the stairs.
It is good exercise and saves energy!

- We reduce the amount of water we use in the bath. We prefer short showers.

- We recycle our household waste!
It is fun, it is cool, it is the law! (2939/01)

- We go shopping using fabric bags not plastic ones.

- We do not cut trees. We plant trees.

- We give up smoking.

We adopt more complex interventions:

- We replace our household light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs (category A or B).

- We reduce the use of the air conditioning system. We install ceiling fans and renewable energy and biomass heaters.

- We prefer organic food and produce.

- We insulate our house and office.

- We install solar water heater and photovoltaic panels for clean energy.

We do more:

- We grow our own produce (without using pestesides and chemicals) and we avoid GMOs.

- If we can, we buy a hybrid car.

- We build a 'green' or ecological house.

- Raise your voice in your community.

- Like Al Gore says: if you are not heard by your representatives in the government, run for public office!