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The protection of the environment requires educated and active citizens - worldwide!

In our Greek page we are listing a number of initiatives and grass-roots groups and NGOs who are exercizing leadership and announce initiatives to involve people in the protection of the environment in Greece. Here we attempt to start collecting headlines about active citizens worldwide protecting their right to their natural commons, protecting their right to environmental protection, biodiversity, human rights, and clean water - to name only a few. In remote places in the world where people protect their natural rights against large financial interest, are inspiring to us all and it is our responsibility that their voice is being heard in other places too. In a 'flat' world (per Thomas Friedman) environmental protection is a global concern.

To view the Greek page for active citizens, please click here.

  Borneo Natives Win Class Action Suit Against Malaysian Oil Palm Giant - 1/4/10
  Coca-Cola Causes Serious Depletion of Water Resources in India - 24/3/10
  Coca-Cola Liable for $48 Million for Damages (in India) - 22/3/10
  2009 & older
  Norway Campuses Reject Coca-Cola, Contract Not Renewed - 14/12/09
  Communities Reject Coca-Cola in India - 10/7/03