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ECOWEEK was established because temperatures are rising; the glaciers are receding; permafrost is thawing; the sea levels are rising; spieces are being lost at a rate faster than ever before. Because our children and grandchildren are facing a very uncertain future. Because as responsible citizens of the world we watch our fellow citizens go on with their lives, as if nothing is happening. Because buildings are built irresponsibly, badly planned and oriented, not well thermally insulated, thus consuming 40% of energy produced and producing more than half of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere (view EU Directive 2002/91). Because people prefer to take their cars to the next block to buy a newspaper, rather than walk. Because we produce and dump more waste than we recycle. Because we pollute the water we drink, the ground we grow our crops, and the air we breath. Because we have lost our connection to the earth and its ability to sustain life on earth with abundance and generosity.

ECOWEEK is for sustainability not only for humans, but also for the ecological habitats and the earth's natural cycles and processes.