Your comments on ECOWEEK 2010

"It was better organized than last year and I am glad that you took into consideration some of our last year's suggestions... The result was of higher quality than last year and we had the chance to work with important architects at their own offices and the teams were small groups. So that the collaboration was easier and the result more complete." M.S.

"Our experience at the conference was great and we thank you for giving us this opportunity." E.O.

"I was very happy with my participation. I had a chat with one of the participants and we spoke for a while, about all these questions that relate to our activity and our path as scientist... This is about creation and I realized that ECOWEEK is about creation... I was very glad that the lecture was not a lecture at a colloquium or a regular conference... but a discussion that opened doors and generated discourse... especially among young people, and that made me very happy. Thank you for giving me this opportunity." K.T.

"On behalf of our workshop team I want to thank you for the wonderful experience that you offered us at ECOWEEK 2010." V.L.

"Your presence in the field of Architecture is invaluable and incredibly supportive! We thank you for the path that you are opening!" K.M.

"We returned from ECOWEEK 2010 in Athens to Thessaloniki with more hope and motivation than ever, in this empowering force that makes us builders of the future. Thank you for allowing us to exchange ideas and learn, and for helping us center our energies to the essential..." R.P. | F.B.

"Our team wants to thank ECOWEEK for the wonderful experience that you gave us, through the lectures, the workshops and through meeting people that we admire and respect." D.B.


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The people behind the Conference

Elias Messinas is an architect and environmental consultant, graduate of Yale School of Architecture, and the National Technical University of Athens. He is a Fellow of the Ford Motor Company International Fellowship for Community Leadership. He is the founder, Chairman and coordinator of ECOWEEK activity in Greece and abroad. Contact
Faidra Matziaraki is an architect, a graduate with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh, UK , with experience in architectural firms in Greece and abroad, among them, Richard Rogers and Partners in London. Faidra is an ECOWEEK Associate the coordinator and co-organizer of the ECOWEEK annual international conference in Athens. Contact
Konstantina Kostoula a gradute of King's College MA Environment and Development program and Panteion University, has an expertise in educational programs for the environment. Konstantina coordinates the environmental awareness program for High Schools at ECOWEEK 2010.

The ECOWEEK 2010 Worskhops Coordinating Team

Petros Babasikas, Architect teaches Architecture at Patras University
(Drifting City, Greece) Workshop Team Advisor
Dimitra Papageorgiou is a student at the Architecture Department of Patras University. She has participated in competitions and architectural workshops including WPA and Upto35 with Drifting City.
Kostas Tsamis Born in Patras he is a student at the Architecture Department of Patras University. His thesis investigates the relationship of scale and man in modern Architercture.
Efi Orfanou Born in Athens she is a student at the Architecture Department of Patras University. Her thesis investigates Architecture as man's identity based on his wants and needs.

The Advisory Board of ECOWEEK 2010

Julie Bargmann, Landscape Designer
(D.I.R.T. Studio, VA) Chair of the Board
Petros Babasikas, Architect teaches Architecture at Patras University
(Drifting City, Greece) Workshop Team Advisor
Nataly Gattegno, Architect
(Future Cities Lab & California College of Arts, USA)
Constantine Vakiris, Architect and visiting critic at UK universities (Greece)
Marina Topouzi, Architect and Environmental Consultant (UK)
Vassilis (Basil) Zotos, Architect and Town Planner
(BGS, Greece)
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We wish to acknowledge and thank the following people for helping make ECOWEEK 2010 possible (alphabetical order - we apologize beforehand in case we missed someone):

Jersper Ferslov Andersen, Anastasia Andritsou, Andreas Angelidakis, Johan Annerhed, Christos Assimakopoulos, Dionysia-Isidora Avgerinopoulou, Petros Babasikas, Anna Bandouraki, Julie Bargmann, Vassilios Bartzokas, Majora Carter, James Chase, Katerina Christofilidou, Varvara Christopoulou, Cliff Cook, Agnes Couvelas, Epaminondas Daskalakis, Dimitris Diamantopoulos, Viki Dimakakou, Theano Dioli, Thomas Doxiadis, Panos Dragonas, Tolis Elefantis, Chrysa Eleftheriou, Nataly Gattegno, Fotis Georgeles, Nikos Georgiadis, Panagiota Goula, Sara Grahn, Elena Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni Harlan, Peter Heilmann, Kyriaki Ioannou Kazamia, Dina Junkermann, Kostas Kakogiannis, Tania Kalaboki, E. Kalaitzis, Y. Kalamakis, Elizabeth Karolyi, Diebedo Francis Kere, Nikos Konstantopoulos, Kostas Kontomanos, Menno Koostra, Konstantina Kostoula, Anna Kotini, Zisis Kotionis, Konstantinos Labrinopoulos, Teti Lalou, Elena Lemou, Spyros Lianos, Susanne Lubos, Panagiota Mamalaki, Hara Marantidou, Elena Margaropoulou, Brian Mark, Vassilis Maroulas, Daphne Matziaraki, Faidra Matziaraki, Jesse Mayhew, Marianthi Mexaki, Cynthia Mikelsen, Pinelopi Mitrogianni, Shelley Morheim, Voula Mourta, Yvette Nahmia, Tom Norring, Efi Orfanou, Peggy Panagopoulou, Yiorgos Panetsos, Vasso Papadopoulou, Maria Papafigou,Yiannis Papaioannou, Eleni Papalouka, Yiorgos Pappas, Dimitra Papageorgiou, Alexandra Papasotiriou, Heidi Pedersen, Katerina Petraki, Michalis Photiadis, Katerina Psitou, Veronica Renov, Sine Riisager, Ana Serra, Kristen Sibilia, Yiannis Sifostratoudakis, Massimo Silvestre, Sotiris Skouloudis, Nikos Smyrilis, Yiannis Spanolios, Michael Spanos, Mihalis Stathakopoulos, Byron Stigge, Elena Tassioula, Christos Tessas, Alexandros Tombazis, Marina Topouzi, Georgia Tsatsou, Erifyli Tsavdari, Kostas Tsamis, Kostas Tsipiras, Yiannis Tsipouridis, Anna Tzeortzatou, Nikos Vitatzakis, Vassilis Yiannikos, Constantine Vakiris, Dimitris Varos, Andriana Vasilopoulou, Natasa Vaskoudi, Richard Walker, Jack Wysocki, Katy Yakoumaki, Stelios Zerefos, Efi Ziotopoulou, Olga Zissi, Vaios Zitonoulis, and Vassilis (Basil) Zotos.


Q: Do I have to register to ALL ECOWEEK 2010 events?
A: No. The ECOWEEK 2010 program includes events that require registration, such as the workshops, site visit, and thematic lectures, and events that are free admission and open to the public, such as the keynote and distinguished lectures. Please refer to the program and the registration form to make sure that you are registering for the events that you want to attend. For admission free events, we cannot ensure availability of space; admission-free events are of first-come first-serve seating arrangment. Seats are only reserved for registration holders. In case of error, review the cancellation policy in the registration form.

Q: We are students from disciplines other than Architecture, Landscape Design and Engineering. Can we participate?

A: Yes, the conference and workshops are open to students (graduate and undergraduate) of different disciplines and we encourage participation for more interdisciplinary workshop teams.

Q: Do we have to have prior experience before attending the workshops?
A: No, no prior experience is necessary to participate in the conference workshops.

Q: Do we have to have special equipment to participate to the workshops and site visits?
A: No, although you are encouraged to bring your laptop - at your own risk - to enable you to prepare the work that will be requested during the workshops. The particiapting offices in principle will provide with electricity outlets and Wi-Fi connection, to enable you to work during the workshops. You are also encouraged to bring your own sketching tools - at your own risk (please do not bring expensive tools that may be lost during the workshops).

Q: Do I need special clothes for the COB workshops?
A: The workshops will take place in the open air. Bring hat or other protection from sun. It is highly recommended that during the COB workshops you wear work-clothes and shoes that may be affected by working with Cob, water, mud, etc. and bring clothes to change after the workshop.

Q: May I register online?
A: Yes, please use the online registration form and instructions.

Q: We want to register but we are not sure if there are spaces available.
A: Yes, as long as registration is open, you can register.

Q: Is it possible to register without having to use a VISA? Can I make a deposit or transfer instead?
A: Yes, by using the registration form in PDF format and following the instructions in the form.

Q: How can I demonstrate/prove that I am a student and register as a student?
A: You can use any form of identification form from your University, a student ID, a letter from your University Department, or (for Greek students) you can submit with your registration an YD N105 by email or fax after filling out ALL the required boxes. Please note that your registration is valid only when the above described identification is attached. Failing to submit the requested identification, or if you submit and incomplete form of identification, may result in an invalid registration and therefore loosing your space.

Q: I am interesting in attending the workshops but I can only attend 2 out of 3 days. Is that possible?
A: Yes, you may register for the full program and attend the workshops partially, although we strongly recommend that you attend the workshops full-time in order not to jeopardise the work of the team you will be working with. Please note that there is no discount or refund for attending a portion of the workshops.

Q: I wish to register for the tours and site visits, but I cannot be there the first day. Could I attend only for the second day?
A: Yes, you can register, but you will have to meet the group on the second day at your own expense. For your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you attend the entire program. We also do not offer a discount or refund for attending a portion of the program, or for changes in the program caused by force major.

Q: Until now, I am not interested in registering for the workshops, but I would like to attend the lectures. Is it possible
A: Yes, there are lectures and documentary screenings which are open and free to the public. In case of overbooking the registered participants have priority. The public sits on a first-come first-serve basis. Please refer to the online program and relevant web pages for more information.

Q: How much of the program is presented in English?
A: The conference language is English. Some lectures may have Greek translation.

Q: When is the next ECOWEEK event?
A: Please refer to our website for regular updates and announcements of events, or write to us to add your address to our mailing list for regular updates.

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