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ECOWEEK has initiated, invited and hosted lectures by a number of internationally acclaimed speakers, specialists and leaders in their field. Among the ECOWEEK distinguished speakers are Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, speaker at ECOWEEK 2007 on Global Warming, at the Athens Concert Hall in June 2007 (in cooperation with Megaron Plus); UK explorer and leadership expert Robert Swan, OBE ECOWEEK 2007 opening keynote speaker, at the Benaki Museum in Athens (in collaboration with the British Council).


ECOWEEK 2011: Public Lectures
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Keynote & Distinguished Speakers

Francoise-Helene Jourda | Jourda Architectes, France

Francoise-Helene Jourda is an award-winning architect Chevalier de l'Ordre de la Legion d'Honneur, and a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. She has been teaching Architecture since 1979, at the Ecole d'Architecture de Lyon, France, Ecole d'Architecture de Saint-Etienne, France, the School of Architecture in Oslo, Norway, University of Minessota, USA, the Polytechnic of Central London, UK, the Technical Universiity of Kassel, Germany, and since 1999 at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Architecte Jourda is the Director of the Institute and Chair "Design Space", University of Vienna, Austria, she is a member of the German Academy of Fine Arts, "Akademie der Kunste Member of the Academy of Architecture Commissioner of the French Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, 2004, Listener Round of High Studies for Economic Development (CHED) 2003/2004 Professor of International Academy of Architecture, and was nominated for the "Global Award for Sustainable Architecture". Architecte Jourda practices architecture at her firm JAP(Jourda Architectes Paris) and she heads the company EO-CITE, an architecture and urban planning consulting firm.
Mario Cucinella Architect | MCA, Italy

Mario Cucinella, 1960, founded Mario Cucinella Architects in Paris in 1992 and in Bologna in 1999. He received since the beginning of its activities, major awards in international competitions. Cucinella is Visiting Professor at Nottingham University and regularly lectures in Italy and abroad. MCA avail itself of a team of architects and engineers from various countries and has a solid background in architectural design, with particular attention to energy issues and environmental impact of buildings. The firm is also active in industrial design and technological research - through partnerships with universities and research programs of the European Commission - to which it devotes a special internal unit. He has received numerous awards, including the MIPIM Green Building Award (Cannes 2011); the MIPIM Green Building Award (Cannes 2009); the Energy Performance+Architecture Award (Paris, 2005), the Special Award for the Environment by the World Architecture Congress (Dubai, 2005), the Outstanding Architect 2004 by the World Renewable Energy Congress (Denver, USA); the Kunstpreis 99 - prize for architecture - from the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin, 1999).
Marco Visconti | Marco Visconti Architects, Italy

Marco Visconti is one of the most successful architects, specialized in the field of sustainability. The underlying objective of his work is the research for the best relationship between man, energy and environment, as applied to the architectural project. His projects are published on numerous Italian and international magazines. Marco Visconti graduated in architecture at the University of Genoa, followed by a postgraduate Master in Architectural Design at the UCLA of Los Angeles and a degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. In Genoa he collaborated with Renzo Piano from 1984 to 1986. From 1987 to 2006 he was the head of the architectural group of Fiat Engineering and subsequently of Maire Engineering. He carries out teaching activity at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin as well as lectures on specific topics at Italian and foreign universities. In January 2007 he founded a creative workshop where architects and engineers, placing man as the primary object of conceptual design, consider architecture as a fundamental element for sustainable development.
Prof. Brian Ford | Nottingham University, UK

Brian Ford, Dip Arch, MA, RIBA is an architect and environmental design consultant who has specialised in the design of naturally ventilated and passively cooled buildings around the world, including the SFC Brewery Process Building Malta and the Queens Building, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, in partnership with Alan Short. He has also advised on the design of the Sydney Olympic Stadium, Australia; Pittsburgh Convention Center, USA; Torrent Research Laboratories, India; the Malta Stock Exchange, and a number of projects with Mario Cucinella, including the Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus in China. Since 1996, Brian has initiated a series of EC funded research projects, the latest of which involves 8 partners from around Europe, India and China working on the application of passive downdraught cooling. He is currently Professor of Architecture and Head of the Architecture and Urbanism Research Division, in the Department of Architecture & Built Environment, University of Nottingham, UK.

Prof. Ford's lecture takes place with the cooperation and support of the British Council.
Richard Ingersoll | Syracuse University, Florence

Richard Ingersoll, born in California, 1949, earned a doctorate in architectural history at UC Berkeley, taught at Rice University from 1986-97 and currently teaches at Syracuse University in Florence (Italy). He is an advocate for Agricivismo, the social application of urban agriculture. From 1983-98 he was the editor of Design Book Review. His recent publications include: Architectures of the World. A Cross-Cultural History of the Built Environment, 2012; Sprawltown, Looking for the City on its Edge, 2006; Global Architecture, 1900-2000. A Critical Mosaic, Volume I: North America, USA and Canada, 2000. He writes criticism for Arquitectura Viva, Lotus, and Bauwelt.
Mario Kaiser | Architect, Milano

Mario Kaiser e' architetto internazionale e libero professionista, basato a Londra da 15 anni, altamente qualificato nella progettazione urbana e nella gestione di progetti di alto profilo. Come Principal Design Advisor per la Olympic Delivery Authrity (ODA), Kaiser ha ricoperto per tre anni un ruolo chiave nella formulazione del Masterplan e ha dettato le linee guida ai numerosi progetti dei singoli interventi prevvisti nell'area. Con una costante opera di supervisione e coordinazione, egli ha assicurato che i progetti, ad opera di importanti architetti (quali Zaha Hadid Architects, HOK, Hopkins Architects, Hopkins Architects, Wilkinson Eyre e molti altri), rispondessero pienamente ai requisiti di qualit?, di programma e di costi di ODA.
Come Senior Project Manager di Ove Arup a Londra per dieci anni, Kaiser ha sviluppato le proprie competenze su progetti a scala urbana per la rigenerazione di aree dismesse, affiancando la committenza nella ricerca dei fondi necessari e sviluppando con essa tutto l'iter progettuale dalla selezione del progettista fino al completamento della proposta e all'ottenimento di tutti i permessi necessari. Molte volte e rimaso in carica a fianco della committenza anche durante la fase di realizzazione, fornendo la propria opera di supervisione artistica delle opere. Attualmente Kaiser sta ricoprendo un'importante ruolo di consulenza di Project Management all'interno dell'Ufficio di Piano della societa Expo 2015 a Milano.

Mario Kaiser is an international freelance architect based in London, highly qualified in the design and managment of urban and high-profile projects. As Principal Design Advisor for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Mario served in the formulation of the master plan and laid down the guidelines for various Olympic projects. He assured that projects, such as Zaha Hadid, HOK, Hopkins, Wilkinson Eyre and many others, would fully meet the requirements of highest quality and budget set by ODA. As senior project manager with ARUP in London, Mario has developed expertise on urban scale projects, such as regeneration of brownfield sites. Currently Mario is playing an important advisory role in the Expo 2015 project in Milano.
A. Erdem Erbas | MSGSU, Turkey

Dr. A.Erdem Erbas is the Asst. Professor in the Department of City and Regional planning at MSGSU, Istanbul. Erbas completed his undergraduate studies at MSGSU in Istanbul in 1993. He received an MSc degree in urban planning with the thesis about "Ecological Approach to Planning, Sustainable Urban Development of Istanbul" in 1995. He completed a PhD in Urbanism at MSGSU in 2000 with the thesis about "A Study on the Determination of Basic Principles and Criteria for Housing Area Planning based on Energy Source Variation". He was the visiting researcher in the "Fachhochschule Hannover" and "HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht" during his PhD. He gives undergraduate and graduate courses on Sustainable Urban Development Planning, Ecological Planning and Local Authorities and Planning. He presented several lectures and published research articles in English and Turkish. Dr. Erbas's research focuses on the port - city relations and port regeneration projects. He is one of the members of International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).
Nicola Russi | LaboratorioPermanente, Milano

Nicola Russi studied in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and TU Delft, PhD in "Architecture and Urban Design", contract professor of Urban Design at "Facolta di Architettura Civile" at Politecnico di Milano. From 2008 to 2009 project consultant at the Techincal Urbanism Office of Milan's municipality for the new Masterplan of the city. Scientific advisor for the international magazine "The Plan, Urban Development" and vice director of "The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture 2007-2008". After working in several offices like Metrogramma, Privileggio_Secchi and Frank Augustin, in 2008 founded LaboratorioPermanente, the architecture, urbanism and landscape design studio with Angelica Sylos Labini in Milan.

Alessandro Trivelli | SdARCH Trivelli & Associati, Milano

Alessandro Trivelli graduated from the Politecnico Milan in 1990; from 2000 received a PhD in
Building Engineering with a thesis on sustainable architecture. He is an invited Professor at the Laboratory of Architectur and Technology 2 at the Faculty of Building Engineering & Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano. He is a founding partner of SdARCH Trivelli & Associati, since 1997,works in design and research of environmentally sustainable architecture, landscape architecture and technology with low environmental impact. Participated in research activities of the European Community Research Program in Eco Smart Building and as a partner in Sustainable Housing in Europe (SHE). SdARCH Trivelli & Associati has received mentions and awards for projects and competitions of architecture. He is the author of several articles and essays in architectural magazines.

Federico Parolotto Architect | MIC, Milano

Federico Parolotto is Senior Partner at MIC, which he co-founded with Davide Boazzi and Federico Cassani in 2009. He began his professional career in working with SOM, gaining experience in the fields of transport facility planning and design. He was with Systematica, specializing in infrastructure design and mobility problems in urban and extra-urban areas, and has been a transport consultant, collaborated with Foster + Partners on the winning entry of an international design competition for a new city near Seoul, with OMA, UNstudio, KPF and other studios on several projects. He was a speaker at Greenbuild conference (Boston), Ecological Urbanism (Harvard University, Cambridge) and the Helsinki Design Lab.
Luigi Bandini Buti Architect | DfA Italy

Luigi Bandini Buti is an architect, a European ergonomist and is currently president of Italy's Design for All Association. He has also been the president of the Italian Ergonomics Society (SIE) and of the Industrial Design Association (ADI). For over thirty years, Mr. Bandini Buti has been involved in ergonomics as applied to environments, systems and products. He has received numerous international acknowledgments and awards, among which the ADI's Golden Compass (the 'Compasso d'Oro'). He is a professor both in Italy and abroad, specifically in the Faculty of Design at Milan's Polytechnic, the European Institute of Design and Brera's Beaux Arts Academy. Mr. Bandini Buti has written many articles for prestigious periodicals and published several books, his most recent being Holistic Ergonomics. A Project for Human Diversity.
Avril Accolla Designer | DfA Italy, DfA Europe

Avril Accolla, graduated with distinction in Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano. Specialises in: Design Direction, Diversity, Marketing, Training Management, Prototyping. Professional works since 1998, including managing a production engineering R&D department focusing on industrialisation of innovative products. In 2002 opened her own professional studio, avrildesign (product and multimedia), particularly focusing on Design for All (DfA). Cooperates with professional studios and companies, national and international, for innovation in the sectors of High Technology, Product, Research & Development. Vice-president DfA Italia, research&content officer EIDD DfA Europe, Professional Member ADI, co-founder and partner Confluenze Design-Ergonomics-Marketing Associated Studies. From 2007 professor in the first DfA methodology and philosophy course (Accademia di Bologna). In 2009 published the book 'Design for All The project for the real individual'. Receives in 2011 the Honorable Mention Award Compasso d'Oro for one of her products.
Alessandro Coppola | Politecnico di Milano

Alessandro Coppola (1978) is currently a post-doc fellow at the Department of Planning and Architecture at Politecnico di Milano where he co-teaches Urban Etnoghraphy at the Master in Planning. His current researches and writings focus on community development, urban and neighborhood politics and urban shrinkage.
UNA2 Architetti Associati | Genova

UNA2 architetti associati euno studio di recente formazione costituito a Genova da Paola Arboco, Pierluigi Feltri e Maurizio Vallino che fino al 2006 sono stati soci e titolari di "5+1 architetti associati" da loro fondato nel 1995. Hanno progettato e realizzato edifici per uffici, istituzioni pubbliche, ospedali e servizi sanitari, piazze e spazi aperti, musei, aree archeologiche e monumentali, impianti sportivi, istituti scolastici ed universitari, strutture ricettive e residenze, hanno vinto concorsi e ideato innumerevoli progetti. Il loro lavoro e stato pubblicato sulle principali riviste italiane e straniere ed esposto in Italia e all'estero. Website

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ECOWEEK 2011: Workshop Lectures
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Thematic Lectures

Rahel Belatchew Lerdell | Architect, Sweden

Rahel Belatchew Lerdell is an architect based in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied in Paris and Amsterdam and graduated from Ecole Speciale d' Architecture in Paris in 1996. She has practiced in France, Tokyo, and Luxemburg before establishing RB Arkitektur in Stockholm. In 2006 she was awarded Architect of the Year and in 2007 the office was listed by Wallpaper magazine as one of 101 of the world's most exciting new architects. The office is currently working with several sustainable housing projects in Stockholm. Rahel Belatchew Lerdell has a record as member of jury of architectural competitions in Europe and is a steady guest critic at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

> Watch Rahel Belatchew Lerdell in YouTube

Rahel Belatchew's participation is made possible in co-operation and thanks to the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Rome.

Jana Revedin| gau:di European Student Competition, France

Jana Revedin, architect PhD studied architecture in Buenos Aires, Princeton and at Milan Polytechnic, where her thesis was titled 'The Concept of Open Space in the Social Architecture of the German Avant-Garde'. From 1991 she taught as Aldo Rossi's assistant at the IUAV Venice, where she was awarded a PhD for her dissertation 'Monument and Modernity: Elements in the Construction of the Avant-Garde Town'. In 1996 she founded her own architectural practice in Venice and in Villach, Austria with a special interest in sustainable architecture, people and place. She has published numerous works on the architecture and the public spaces of the Modern Movement. Her special interest is the research of innovative tactics for urban renewal in informal settlements in developing countries. In 2005 she was appointed curator of the biennial gau:di European Student Competition in Sustainable Architecture. In 2006 she created the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. In 2009 she founded the LOCUS Foundation. Since 2011 she is curator of the EU Research program 'Underconstructions: Innovative Architecture Practices in Europe'. Jana Revedin is associate professor for Sustainable Architecture at Umea University in Sweden. More on gau:di Student Competition

In co-operation with Cite de l'Architecture and LOCUS.

Marie-Helene Contal | gau:di European Student Competition, France

Marie-Helene Contal studied architecture in Nancy and political sciences and urbanism in Paris, receiving her diploma in 1978. In 1991 she was named state counsellor of public building projects of the ministry of Emile Biasini. In 2001 she was named deputy director of IFA, French Institute of Architecture at the Cite de l'Architecture Paris. Her critic work about the role of the planner and architect in a contemporary urban and political context that moves towards sustainability is published in several European countries. On behalf of the European program "EU Culture 2000" she signes the gau:di actions on sustainable architecture for the professional and the greater public. Since 2006 she supports the creation of the Global Award for sustainable Architecture on behalf of the Cite de l'Architecture of Paris and an international Scientific Board of specialized Architecture centres and schools. In 2009 she was the curator of "International experiences in sustainable architecture" inside the exhibition "The ecological Habitat", at the Cite de l'Architecture in Paris.
More on gau:di Student Competition

In co-operation with Cite de l'Architecture and LOCUS.

Designing 'Green': Urban, Buildings & Technologies
by Alejandro Gutierrez | ARUP, Milano

Alejandro Gutierrez is an Associate Director at Arup Urban Design. He is currently leading Venice Airport Development Plan in Italy, Low2no, a zero carbon project for a mixed used development in Helsinki, Finland, Manifattura Domani, a Sustainable Masterplan for, a clean tech cluster development in Trentino, Italy and Ciudad Modelo, an eco-district masterplan for 40,000 inhabitants in Santiago, Chile.

Alejandro has led a range urban development projects globally such as Dongtan Eco City-Shanghai, Wanzhuang Eco City-Beijing, Port Regeneration Strategy-Copenhagen, Waterfront Regeneration of La Spezia-Italy, Peterborough, Integrated Growth Strategy, Chaiten Relocation Strategy - Chile, Wembley Industrial Estates in London, and Urbanya Strategic Plan in Santiago - Chile.

He is an invited lecturer to London School of Economics, Said Business School - Oxford University, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Catolica in Chile, Architectural Association-UK, RIBA.

Arup is a global professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom which provides engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting services for all aspects of the built environment. The firm is present in Africa, the Americas, Australasia, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and has over 10,000 staff based in 92 offices in 37 countries. Arup has participated in projects in over 160 countries.
Michelle Farrell, Architect | IES

Michelle Farrell is the Head of the European Division for Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd. She attended Boston Architectural College, where she received both a Bachelors of Design Studies and Masters of Architecture. Michelle was named to the Consulting Specifying Engineer 2011 "40 under 40" list, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and has taught various courses in BIM and integrated analysis. After working for over 6 years in various architecture firms in the USA as an architectural designer, she began to analyze the 3D building models using performance analysis tools. Soon, the phrase "form follows function" became her mantra, knowing that the sustainability performance of a building should be considered and analyzed in detail from the earliest stages of the design process by architects and designers.

Michelle has experience as a consultant in the USA and in Europe, including LEED consulting, and working directly with some of the top engineering and architecture firms in the USA and Europe to develop solutions that can be part of their normal design process, through the use of BIM models.

Her professional and educational background in architecture allowed her to see the field of energy modeling from the perspective of the architectural designer, encouraging the industry to use modeling for schematic and design development to evolve the performance of a design right from the earliest possible stage. She worked on many projects, from daylight dimming strategies for proto-type retail stores to software development projects inside of IES to improve translation of 3D models into the analysis platform.

IES, Ltd. is a world leader in precision, intelligent sustainability solutions for every factor in making new and existing buildings more energy efficient, dramatically reducing operating overheads, and lowering CO2 emissions. Their consultative input is so innovative and analytical software so accurate that they're significantly reducing the carbon emissions of the built environment through the work of their architecture and engineering clients, as well as their own consulting services.

Building Performance Analysis using Google SKETCHUP & IES: BIM and Early Stage Analysis: These sessions provide an overview on how architects and designers can bring analysis for sustainable strategies to the earliest stages of the building design process using an Integrated Building Performance Model approach. Through the direct connectivity and import capabilities offered by IES software to other CAD/BIM systems, such as SketchUp and Revit, participants will experience how analysis can be integrated into their workflow, keeping sustainable design on-track. Attendees will be introduced to the process of analysing various building parameters, like energy consumption, daylighting and LEED assessments.
Designing 'Green': 'Green' Buildings
by Green Building Council Italia

Italy Green Building Council (GBC Italy) is a nonprofit association that is part of the international network of GBC in many other countries, and a member of the World GBC and partners USGBC. GBC Italia supports the aims of the GBC Association: Facilitate and accelerate the spread of a culture of sustainable construction, driving the transformation of the market; Raise public awareness about the impact of building and how the design and construction of buildings has ab impact on the quality of people's life; Provide clear benchmarks to the industry; Encourage the improvement of the industry by creating a community of sustainable construction.

Massimiliano Mandarini Architect | GBC Italia

Born in Bergamo Massimilano Mandarini is an architect, designer, consultant and professor of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. Reasearcher of Milan Politecnic in the INDACO Department. Expert in design innovation, green buildings, energy-efficiency, environmentally-friendly architecture, and ecological distict planning. He is responsible for the "Environment and sustainability" sector of the DNA Fair in Torino. Board member of Green Building Council Italia, energy certificator, consultant and coordinator of research, studies and projects for public and private companies in Italy and abroad. Deputy Coordinator of the Lombardy ecomuseums network. Founder of "Marchingenio srl", start-up company of the INDACO Department of Milan Politecnic, for design innovation and enviromental sustainability. Founder of "Green- innovation" (with INDACO Dept.), a workshop for innovation and the promotion of green culture in Italy and abroad. Technical director of "Bottega Craetiva", a society created to promote the design innovation culture in arts and crafts working like a factory of innovation that develops studies, projects, products and research funding for the development of companies and "Zero Km business networks".
Ingrid Paoletti | BEST Politecnico di Milano

An architect and Assistant Professor of Technology in Architecture at the Building Environment Science Technology Department (BEST) at Politecnico di Milano. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program in 'Project and Technology for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage', member of the committee of the department and in the technical committee of the Laboratory for Technical Information. She is coordinator of the politecnico cluster on innovative technologies and construction industry. She is active with the delegate for international exchanges in India. She is CIB member, Task Group 57 on Industrialization in Construction and of the IIMCP network on Mass-customization. She organizes from 2003 the Guido Nardi Award , to award the most deserving students in the field of technological innovation in architecture, implemented in collaboration with leading Italian companies operating in the construction business and from 2009 Mangiarotti Foundation Prize. She has written several books and she collaborates with several magazines where she has written numerous articles. She is a collaborator of the editorial board of Il giornale dell'architettura directed by Carlo Olmo for the Technology section.
Mirna Terenziani | GBC Italia

Engineer environmental engineering graduate in Construction Engineering from Universita degli Studi of Bologna. Attended training course on the safety and health of temporary or mobile yards according to D.Lgs. 81/08. She is a board member of Green Building Council Italy. Technical Manager of Ai Engineering S.r.l. and partner of Ai Studio. Self-employed professional specializes in study and assessment of environmental impact, environmental pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, bio-engineering planning, landscape blending, archaeology, bio-engineering, environmental monitoring, technical-economical-environmental feasibility studies, environmental certificates, life cycle analysis. Chairman of the Environment and Land Division, where she participates as the coordinator and sector expert, in nation, region, province and municipality wide Environmental Impact Studies for VIA Procedures concerning various large-scale infrastructure projects. Responsible for systems of rating for the certification of environmental sustainability such as ITACA, LEED, BREEAM and CASBE.
  For lectures schedule please see ECOWEEK 2011 PROGRAM

ECOWEEK speakers

ECOWEEK has initiated, invited and hosted lectures by a number of internationally acclaimed speakers, specialists and leaders in their field. Among the ECOWEEK distinguished speakers are Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, speaker at ECOWEEK 2007 on Global Warming, at the Athens Concert Hall in June 2007 (in cooperation with Megaron Plus); UK explorer and leadership expert Robert Swan, OBE ECOWEEK 2007 opening keynote speaker, at the Benaki Museum in Athens (in collaboration with the British Council).

'ECOWEEK 2008: Ecology + Environment + Architecture' International Conference in collaboration with AIAContinental Europe, keynote speakers were 'green' skyscraper and author architect Ken Yeang, and Landscape Designer Julie Bargmann, at the Cotsen Hall of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. In 2008 ECOWEEK also hosted the director of the architectural documentary Last Call for Planet Earth Jacques Allard, award-winning Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis and others.

'ECOWEEK 2009: Empowering Youth: Ecology + Leadership + Architecture' International Conference in Athens, hosted keynote lectures by award-winning architect Shigeru Ban, and UK award-winning architect Ivan Harbour (Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners).

ECOWEEK 2010 and ECOWEEK 2011 speakers included award-winning architects Diebedo Francis Kere and Bjarke Ingels of BIG, Daniel Wicke (Rural Studio), award-winning landscape architect George Hargreaves, and Danish architect Louis Becker of Henning Larsen Architects.

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