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Your comments on ECOWEEK 2011 in Thessaloniki

"I have just returned home and I am writing my congratulations for a most successful workshop, an event that - without previous experience with ECOWEEK, and looking at the organization from the side - was beyond my imagination in the complexity of its organization and the multifaceted and diverse number of speakers, events and workshop leaders." I.M.

"Congratulations on the impeccable organization of ECOWEEK. It was really a very important week for all of us, to meet colleagues from Greece and abroad, and to collaborate with graduate students and young professionals on the assignments of the workshops and to hear very important speakers. I also want to thank you for giving the change to AFH Athens Chapter to organize and implement one of its very first activities and to meet our colleague from AFH London. We will gladly cooperate in future ECOWEEK!" C.M.

"A great conference, full of creative energy and exchange, with sustainability in the broadest sense, at the core. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate, engage and to be able to meet up with our AFH Colleagues in Athens and Tel Aviv. I found the conference very inspiring and am able to bring back many good lessons and thoughts for our team in London. Much to absorb and reflect upon. Glad that we were able to guide the students through, a great bunch, full of energy and passion. We are discussing being advisors on a competition in Haiti which two [of the workshop] students, are looking into; so exciting!" K.M.N.

"Greetings from Amman! Thank you for such a wonderful event with high aim and objectives. It was my pleasure to participate, and would love to meet again soon." R.J.

"I want to congratulate you on the commendable work and organization of ECOWEEK in Thessaloniki. The organization had an integrity that is rare in the Greek reality." P.M.

"It was a great pleasure to go through the ECOWEEK experience and of course, I intend to participate in the next ECOWEEK." A.G.

"We enjoyed it all enormously and would love to collaborate further." B.M.

"It was a wonderful experience, much better than some of the other similar international workshops I have participated. I look forward to more, and yes, Berlin 2012 would be fantastic!" R.P.

"ECOWEEK was a wonderful event! I learnt a lot from the lectures, presentations, and related discussions. The organizers did a fantastic job, gathering so many students and experts together. Thank you!" M.R.S.

"This was a greater pleasure even than the previous ECOWEEKs, if that's at all possible, due to the excellent level of the students and work. And their relevance to the city. Great work!" T.D.

"Thank you for the opportunity given to young professionals to organize workshops for graduate students within the framework of ECOWEEK. Personally, I would like to congratulate ECOWEEK for the organization and to encourage you to a dynamic follow-up - which I am sure that you are already doing." V.D.

"On behalf of our workshop team, we were all very pleased with ECOWEEK 2011." I.K.

"It was an extremely great experience, all the nice people around, our wonderful workshop team and and and ... :)" J.M.

"Congratulations on the organization of ECOWEEK! A fantastic experience! I will certainly attend more ECOWEEK workshops!" E.P.

"We wish to congratulate ECOWEEK for the excellent week on sustainable architecture in our city. All lectures were excellent with the best being Francis Kere's presentation. It is very important to attend this kind of events that shake the waters and pass on the message that we have possibilities in our hands to change the world! In the workshop we hosted, we enjoyed working and communicating with the younger professionals and graduate students in our team and we really enjoyed the result. It is true that through implementation knowledge is internalized. We will gladly contribute again!" D.K.

"A warm thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an engaging event with lots of interesting experiences. Congratulations on the successful undertaking, which except for knowledge, research, and opportunities to promote sustainable architecture in theory and practice, it offers optimism and 'bright' prospects, in times, otherwise, gloomy and pessimistic." S.L.

"Our team, the 7 younger and the 3 elders thank you for the opportunity to meet and work with each other; it was also my pleasure to lead the site visit at the New Seafront, and to have many engaging discussions with young colleagues and graduate students." P.N.


Registration: CLOSED*

* Due to some last minute cancellations, there might be some spaces still available. If you are interested in attending, please contact us

* With more than 300 registrations from 16 countries, we anticipate a very exciting gathering of young professionals and experts from around the world!

* If you did not manage to register on ECOWEEK 2011 on time, join us for the open lectures and other events, otherwise, stay tuned for the next ECOWEEK conference and workshops to be announced shortly!


Registration Fees



Local students

Visiting students

From February 1, 2011:
200 euro | Students
250 euro | Young professionals

CLOSED in January 31, 2011

125 euro | Students (till January 31, 2011)
150 euro | Young professionals (till January 31, 2011)

Early Bird: CLOSED in November 30, 2010
75 euro   | Students (till November 30, 2010)
100 euro | Young professionals (till November, 30, 2010)

> Please refer to the registration form for more details.

Workshops, lectures, some site visit(s), and keynote lectures only.

Discounts available for local students livng in Thessaloniki who wish to host visiting students from outside the city or from abroad. More details will be posted shortly. Upon availability only.

Upon availability, hosted accommodation may become available and will be posted shortly. Recommended hotels and hostels will be posted after December 1, 2010. Please review relevant information posted as it becomes available.


ECOWEEK participants are responsible to find their own accommodation. Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and is not included in the services provided by ECOWEEK.

For those of you who are not so familiar with the city of Thessaloniki or you are visiting for the first time, here are some accommodation tips:

> We have invited local participants from Thessaloniki to host visitors from outside the city. There was limited response and some of the participants are being hosted in Thessaloniki.
> You are encouraged to look for accommodation online. In case you have managed to find LOW RATES in Thessaloniki, please let us know to post it for other participants too!
> To share a hotel room in a very well situated hotel downtown Thessaloniki we suggest: ASTORIA HOTEL
Hotel website | See photos of the hotel and the rooms here | Rates: Single room: 40 euro per night (for one person). Double room: 65 euro per night (for two people). Triple room: Upon request only. See contact details below. RESERVATIONS: ASTORIA HOTEL contact: Ms. Areti Theodosiadou at +30 2310 505514 & e-mail

1. To get the special rates, mention that you are participating in ECOWEEK 2011.
2. If there are people you want to share a room with, make sure to mention it when you book your room.
3. Review all information about the Hotel and make sure you have located it in the map
4. Hotel reservations are made directly with ASTORIA HOTEL and not through ECOWEEK. ECOWEEK has no responsibility for your accommodation, therefore please make sure that you have spoken with the Hotel, that you have understood all relevant details, that you made your payment, that you have received a confirmation and that you are sharing the room with the person of your choice. ECOWEEK has no control and no responsibility for the hotel booking process and outcome.


Cancellation of Registration

Requests for cancellation of registration should be made in writing to ECOWEEK by email. Cancellation written request received before January 31, 2011 will receive 50% of Registration fees paid. After February 1, 2011, no refunds will be made to Registration Fees. EARLY BIRD Registration is no longer refundable.


Contact Us

General Inquiries



Elias Messinas at elias[at] and +30-2297023702

Find answers to your questions by clicking here

ECOWEEK 2011 Organizers

Elias Messinas is an architect and environmental consultant, graduate of Yale School of Architecture, and the National Technical University of Athens. He is a Fellow of the Ford Motor Company International Fellowship for Community Leadership. He is the founder and Chairman of ECOWEEK and coordinator of ECOWEEK activity in Greece and abroad. Contact
Olympia Datsi is a landscape architect. She acquired her degree in Landscape Architecture and she continued her studies in Interior Design and PR Management. She has worked in architectural firms and in parallel has specialized in Cultural Management undertaking the planning, promotion and the production of events for various institutions. Olympia is the co-organizer of ECOWEEK 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Contact
  The ECOWEEK 2011 organizing team also includes Maria Tsakalou (Interactive PR), Anastasia Samou, Akis Kastanopoulos, Sarah Samou, and Olga Giolma.

ECOWEEK 2011 academic advisor and organizer of the ECOWEEK 2011 panel discussions is Prof. Isaac Meir.

The ECOWEEK 2011 Advisory Board

Sara Grahn, Architect
(WHITE Architects, Sweden)
Daniel Wicke, Architect
Styliane Philippou, Architect and Architectural Historian
Thomas Doxiadis, Architect and Landscape Architect
(doxiadis+, Greece)

The ECOWEEK 2011 Worskhops Coordinating Team

Tasos Roidis is an architect graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His diploma thesis investigated the adaptation of buildings in extreme climatic conditions, and his theoritical thesis focused on the history of bioclimatic architecture starting from early 19th century. He has attended numerous conferences and workshops on sustainable and landscape architecture in Greece, in Europe and in the USA.
Dimitris Avramidis is an architect graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His thesis investigated the history and evolution of Bioclimatic Architecture in History. Presently, he is practicing with an architectural firm in Munich, Germany.

The ECOWEEK 2011 AKTO Design Team

ECOWEEK welcomes the cooperation with AKTO (the Athenian Artistic and Technological Group) a pioneering organisation in Greece, developing departments in Industrial & Product Design and Photography and to introduce high technologies in the area of Arts, towards common activity for the advancement of sustainable design and ecological building in Greece.

The AKTO students class of Graphic Design and 3D Animation & Multimedia Productions, guided by AKTO-Thessaloniki faculty Panagiotis Metallinos, and Maria Georgiadou and Eleni Ksoupa, respectively, are preparing the ECOWEEK 2011 public image!

AKTO Graphic Design students: Anna Boccasile, Maria Asvesti, Theodoros Georgiadis, Athanasios Desyllas, Alexandros Dimos, Rafael Ieronymakis, Georgios Karathanassis, Varvara-Vassilili Konstantinidou, Vasilios Manousaridis, Dimitris Modestou, Lena Berzoes, Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou, Evaggellia-Iliana Papachristodoulou, Elpida Sachpazidou and Anastasia Charpantidou.

AKTO 3d Animation students: Alexandr Avanesov, Ioannis Katigaridis, Ioanna Nazlidou, Maria Psaltidou, Magdalini Asimakopoulou, Aris-Ilias Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis Dimoglou, Emmanouil Kovras, Kosmas Mabentzidis, Dimitrios Moutafidis, Georgios Pyrounakis, Andreas Stergiou, Konstantinos Stefis, Epameinondas Sfakianakis, and Myrto Chrysostomidou.

View AKTO students' proposals by clicking here
Learn more about ECOWEEK by clicking here


We thank the following people for helping make ECOWEEK 2011 possible and successful (alphabetical order - we apologize beforehand in case we missed someone):

Charis Achillas, Mairi Ananiadou, Anastasia Andritsou, Neli Arvanitopoulou, E. Athanasiadou, Sotirios Athanasiou, Dionysia-Isidora Avgerinopoulou, Dimitris Avramidis, Kleio Axarli, Aylin Ayna, Stratos Bacalis, Anna Bandouraki, Vassilios Bartzokas, Charis Bekiaris, Ilham Belhabib, Christina Biermann, Claudia Buhmann, Sarah Bush, Panagiota Chaliazi, Michalis Charalambous, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, Katerina Chatzikonstantinou, Maria Cherkeletzi, Katerina Christofilidou, Theodora Christoforidou, Emilia Costa, Rodrigo Rubio Cuadrado, Bernard Cuomo, Yiorgos Dais, Dora Daki, Olympia Datsi, Theodora Datsopoulou, Kiki Deliousi, Elli Demirtzoglou, Giuditta DeVecchi, Kyriakos Digenoglou, Nikos Dimtsas, Machi Doumoura, Thomas Doxiadis, Olga Efstathiou, Eva Fanou, Korina Filoxenidou, Andromachi Gaga, Karolos Gakidis, Antonis Gavalas, Fotis Georgeles, Elli Georgiadou, Aspasia Giannopoulou, Benjamin Gill, Olga Giolma, Christos Giouzouktzidis, Romy Goosens, Panagiota Goula, Dimitris Gourdoukis, Liana Gouta, M. Goutziamanis, Sara Grahn, Eleni Grammatikou, Giota Halivopoulou, George Hargreaves, Peter Heilmann, George Horzoglou, Farrell Ingle, Giotis Ioannidis, Tania Kalaboki, Nicos Kalogirou, Maria Kapna, Ioanna Karidi, Efi Karioti, Elisabeth Karolyi, Akis Kastanopoulos, Eleni Kairi, Sofia Keramida, Diebedo Francis Kere, Dimitris Kontofakas, Konstantina Kostoula, Anastasios Kotsiopoulos, Katerina Kotzia, Braha Kounda, Spyros Kouvelis, Thedora Kyriafini, Petros Kyrinis, Sasa Lada, Teti Lalou, Styliani Lefaki, Despo Lialiou, Aimilia Liaska, Elpida, Vassilis & Eric Loli, Ilias Lolidis, Kristine Lorenzen, Susanne Lubos, Foteini Lymperiadou, Aris Maganaris, Petros Makridis, Yiannis Maniatis, Thanasis Manoloudis, Niki Manou-Andreadi, Nikos Margaris, Brian Mark, Gwen Mark, Despoina Marinou, Vassilis Maroulas, Daphne Matziaraki, Faidra Matziaraki, Eva Mavridou, D. Metaxas, Katherine McNeil, Isaac Meir, Katerina Meresi, Marianna Milioni, Yiannis Milopoulos, Fani Moumtzidou, Voula Mourta, Nikolaos Moussiopoulos, Yvette Nahmia, Prodromos Nikiforidis, Kostas Nikolaou, Chryssa Nikoloutsou, Thao Nguyen, Tom Norring, Vasileios Ntovros, Giannis Oikonomou, Giorgos Opsimoulis, Kyriaki Oudatzi, Grigoria Panagiotopoulou, Peter Panes, Alina Panou, Ilias Pantikakis, Sofia Papadimitriou, Antonis Papadopoulos, Ilias Papadopoulos, Lois Papadopoulos, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Eleni Papaevangelou, Yiannis Papaioannou, Yiorgos Papakostas, Eleni Papalouka, Babis Papanikolaou, Morpho Papanikolaou, F. Papapetrou, Yiorgos Pappas, Marianthie Paschou, Stathis Perdikis, Styliane Philippou, Alexios Pissaridis, Maria Prassa, Dan Price, Nikos Protogeros, Lina Psychopoulou, Dimitris Raidis, Sine Riisager, Haris Roidis, Tasos Roidis, Olga Sakari, Rena Sakelaridou, Anastasia Samou, Sara Samou, Isidoros Sempsis, Kristen Sibilia, Yiannis Sifostratoudakis, Massimo Silvestre, Marinos Solos, Eva Sopeoglou, Aikaterini Stefanaki, Alexis Stefanidis, Christina Sordina, Eleni Spartsi, Yiannis & Oliana Spiliotakis, Paraskevi Tarani, Tasos Tellios, Christos Tessas, Alexandros Tombazis, Katerina Tryfonidou, Aris Tsagrassoulis, Ioannis Tsalikidis, Maria Tsakalou, Mary Tseliou, Antonis Tsentas, Kostas Tsipiras, Christina Tsiragelou, Dimitris Tsirkas, Mary Tsitsi, Chris Twinn, Tatiana Tzaka, Anna Tzeortzatou, Giannis Tsoukalas, Makis Tzimproglou, Panayotis Tzinis, Ohad Yehieli, Vassilis Yiannikos, Stefan Van Uffelen, Gerasimos Vamvakidis, Alexios Vandoros, Dimitris Varos, Fotis Vasilakis, Natasa Vaskoudi, Stavros Vergopoulos, Christos Vlahokostas, Irene Voulgaraki, Yiannis Vougioklakis, Eleni Vretzaki, Richard Walker, Jack Wysocki, Katy Yakoumaki, Despoina Zavraka, Stelios Zerefos, Konstantinos Zervas, Frederika Zipp, Olga Zissi, George Zoidis, Leandros Zoidis, Manos Zoulias, Emmy Zoumboulidou and AKTO Thessaloniki students Anna Boccasile, Maria Asvesti, Theodoros Georgiadis, Athanasios Desyllas, Alexandros Dimos, Rafael Ieronymakis, Georgios Karathanassis, Varvara-Vassilili Konstantinidou, Vasilios Manousaridis, Dimitris Modestou, Lena Berzoes, Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou, Evaggellia-Iliana Papachristodoulou, Elpida Sachpazidou, Anastasia Charpantidou, Alexandr Avanesov, Ioannis Katigaridis, Ioanna Nazlidou, Maria Psaltidou, Magdalini Asimakopoulou, Aris-Ilias Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis Dimoglou, Emmanouil Kovras, Kosmas Mabentzidis, Dimitrios Moutafidis, Georgios Pyrounakis, Andreas Stergiou, Konstantinos Stefis, Epameinondas Sfakianakis, and Myrto Chrysostomidou.


Q: Do I have to register to ALL ECOWEEK 2011 events?
A: No. The ECOWEEK 2011 program includes events that require registration, such as the workshops, site visit, and thematic lectures, and events that are free admission and open to the public, such as the keynote and distinguished lectures. Please refer to the program and the registration form to make sure that you are registering for the events that you want to attend. For admission free events, we cannot ensure availability of space; admission-free events are of first-come first-serve seating arrangment. Seats are only reserved for registration holders. In case of error, review the cancellation policy in the registration form.

Q: We are students from disciplines other than Architecture, Landscape Design and Engineering. Can we participate?

A: Yes, the conference and workshops are open to students (graduate and undergraduate) of different disciplines and we encourage participation for more interdisciplinary workshop teams.

Q: Do we have to have prior experience before attending the workshops?
A: No, no prior experience is necessary to participate in the conference workshops.

Q: Do we have to have special equipment to participate to the workshops and site visits?
A: No, although you are encouraged to bring your laptop - at your own risk - to enable you to prepare the work that will be requested during the workshops. The particiapting offices in principle will provide with electricity outlets and Wi-Fi connection, to enable you to work during the workshops. You are also encouraged to bring your own sketching tools - at your own risk (please do not bring expensive tools that may be lost during the workshops).

Q: Do I need special clothes for the COB workshops?
A: The workshops will take place in the open air. Bring hat or other protection from sun. It is highly recommended that during the COB workshops you wear work-clothes and shoes that may be affected by working with Cob, water, mud, etc. and bring clothes to change after the workshop.

Q: May I register online?
A: Yes, please use the online registration form and instructions.

Q: We want to register but we are not sure if there are spaces available.
A: Yes, as long as registration is open, you can register.

Q: Is it possible to register without having to use a VISA? Can I make a deposit or transfer instead?
A: No, registration is only possible through bank transfer. Open the registration form and follow the instructions in the form.

Q: How can I demonstrate/prove that I am a student and register as a student?
A: You can use any form of identification form from your University, a student ID, a letter from your University Department, or (for Greek students) you can submit with your registration an YD N105 by email or fax after filling out ALL the required boxes. Please note that your registration is valid only when the above described identification is attached. Failing to submit the requested identification, or if you submit and incomplete form of identification, may result in an invalid registration and therefore loosing your space.

Q: I am interesting in attending the workshops but I can only attend 2 out of 3 days. Is that possible?
A: Yes, you may register for the full program and attend the workshops partially, although we strongly recommend that you attend the workshops full-time in order not to jeopardise the work of the team you will be working with. Please note that there is no discount or refund for attending a portion of the workshops.

Q: I wish to register for the tours and site visits, but I cannot be there the first day. Could I attend only for the second day?
A: Yes, you can register, but you will have to meet the group on the second day at your own expense. For your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you attend the entire program. We also do not offer a discount or refund for attending a portion of the program, or for changes in the program caused by force major.

Q: Until now, I am not interested in registering for the workshops, but I would like to attend the lectures. Is it possible
A: Yes, there are lectures and documentary screenings which are open and free to the public. In case of overbooking the registered participants have priority. The public sits on a first-come first-serve basis. Please refer to the online program and relevant web pages for more information.

Q: How much of the program is presented in English?
A: The conference language is English.

Q: When is the next ECOWEEK event?
A: Please refer to our website for regular updates and announcements of events, or write to us to add your address to our mailing list for regular updates.

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ECOWEEK thanks its partners for making ECOWEEK possible and successful.
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