ECOWEEK WORKSHOPS are an integral component of the ECOWEEK International Conference since 2008. Workshops for young architects and students of Architecture have been taking place since 2009.

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ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Theme: Urban Communities & Green Architecture
Registration only

ECOWEEK Workshops are the international annual high-profile architectural event of Greece. The ECOWEEK 2011 design workshops in Thessaloniki, Greece, give the opportunity to young professionals and graduate students of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and other professions, to work side by side with known or emerging architects, designers, and engineers from Greece and abroad, and to learn from them the principles of 'green' Architecture and sustainable design.

ECOWEEK 2011 Worshops are supported by thematic lectures by experts in the building profession More

The ECOWEEK 2011 Workshops will be hosted by the Workshop leaders in their offices in Thessaloniki. The workshop teams coming from outside the city or from abroad, will be hosted in the center of the city, thanks to the hospitality of AKTO Design School (located at Tsimiski 44 & Aristotelous, Thessaloniki).

ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Workshop Project Proposals

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ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Hosted in the offices of the Workshop Teams, Thessaloniki
Hosted by AKTO (Tsimiski 44 & Aristotelous), Thessaloniki
Registration only

Design a passive solar house of zero emissions.
Design the sustainable renovation of an existing building.
Design a sustainable urban intervention and/or landscape design project.
Design a project that will benefit a local community or NGO in the city.
  >> Workshops 'FULLY BOOKED' are in principle CLOSED AND UNAVAILABLE.
  >> When registering, please choose the THEME of your choice and we will try to place you in the 1-2 spots still available in the workshops listed below.
George Hargreaves
| Hargreaves Associates, UK
George Hargreaves, FASLA, RAAR is the Design Director of Hargreaves Associates, an award-winning professional consulting firm comprised of landscape architects and planners with offices in San Francisco, California, Cambridge, Massachusetts, New York City, and London. He has taught at GSD at Harvard University, and served as the chairman of the Department of Landscape Architecture. He is the co-author of the recent monograph: "Hargreaves: the Alchemy of Landscape Architecture".
Io Karydi | Hargreaves Associates, UK
Io Karydi is an architect and urban designer practicing as an associate landscape architect for Hargreaves Associates. Graduate of NTUA and MA graduate with distinction on Landscape Urbanism at the AA. She has taught at the AA, the University of Patras and the University of Athens. She has been involved in several projects that include the award winning New Campus of Montpellier. THEME: C
Nikiforidis Cuomo
| Architects
Prodromos Nikiforidis and Bernard Cuomo established the award-winning firm Nikiforidis Cuomo in 1986. Among its projects include an apartment building in Paris, the Cultural Center and Theater at Menemeni and Technopolis in Thessaloniki. The firm has won numerous architectural competitions including the EUROPAN 2 Competition and the Thessaloniki seaside promenade. In 2009 they received the Architecture Prize for 2004-2008 by the Hellenic Architectural Institute.
Paraskevi Tarani | Nikiforidis Cuomo Architects
Paraskevi Tarani studied Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her PhD and research interests focus on sustainable urban strategies and planning, intelligent cities, digital cities and virtual environments. She has collaborated with Nikiforidis and Cuomo for several urban planning projects. She is a currently a lecturer at the AUTH, Department of Regional Planning and Development. THEME: C
A.M.Kotsiopoulos & Partners
| Architects
Anastasios Kotsiopoulos is Professor of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens. Partners in Kotsiopoulos & Associates are Emmy Zoumboulidou and Alina Panou. The firm projects including master plans for 6 Greek Universities and series of public and private buildings have been widely published in Greece and abroad. Since the early 90s the firm incorporates energy-saving strategies in its designs focusing, especially, on the "skin" of the buildings as a climatic transformer. THEME: A
Stelios Zerefos & Christos Tessas | Zerefos Tessas Architects
Zerefos Tessas Architects Engineering Consultants is an award winning firm founded in 2005. Its innovative projects promote contemporary architectural debate while respecting the environment. Project include private residences, office buildings, research institutes and museums that integrate micro-climatic and energy considerations early in the design process. The firm has been widely published. THEME: B
P. Makridis & Associates
| Architects
P. Makridis & Associates is an architectural firm that provides comprehensive services in architecture, urban and interior design, planning, management and construction. The firm was founded by Petros Makridis, M. Arch. in 1980. The firm has received numerous awards, professional recognition an distinction and has won a number of architectural competitions. THEME: A
| Architects
Niki Manou-Andreadi graduated from the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Architecture at the AUTH. She holds a PHD from the School of Engineering and she is an Assistant Professor at the Architectural Design and Architectural Technology Faculty of the School of Architecture of the AUTH. She co-founded ARTECO S.A., followed by several awards at competitions and a rich architectural and constructional work. She founded studio NIMAND ARCHITECTS in 2006. THEME: B
Sempsi + Raidis
| Architects
Dimitris Raidis studied Architecture at Kingston University and Bartlett UCL (University College, London). Isidoros Sempsis studied Architecture at the Polytechnic School of AUTH. Special interest in sustainable architecture and urban design and 3D architectural software. THEME: A
SPARCH Sakellaridou Papanikolaou
| Architects
Dr Rena SAKELLARIDOU Dipl. Architect, M.Arch UBC, PhD Bartlett School, UCL. Associate Prof. School of Architecture AUTH. Book: Mario Botta. Architectural Poetics. Thames and Hudson 2001 (English), Rizzoli 2000 (Italian). Morpho PAPANIKOLAOU Architect IUAV, Graduate Research IUAV Visiting Prof. School of Architecture AUTH and IUAV. Taught at the International Workshop IUAV (2005, 2006) SPARCH award-winning work has been published in architectural periodicals and exhibited in international exhibitions. the workshop team includes associate Eleni Papaevangelou. THEME: C
| Landscape Design
Ilias Lolidis is a Landscape Architect and Forester, professionally qualified in Greece and the UK. STUDIOLAND was founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki and has been active in numerous Landscape Architecture projects of different scales - from private gardens to the rehabilitation of motorway landscapes or the landscape design of civic spaces. The office has more than two decades of experience in sustainable projects. The workshop team includes architect and landscape architect Panagiota Chaliazi. THEME: C
| Architects
Schema4 is an architectural practice by Neli Arvanitopoulou, Dora Daki, Eleni Spartsi and George Horzoglou, with extensive experience in private and public sector architectural projects. It is a design team operating since 1988. Schema4 provides design, management and supervision in private and public sector projects concerning architectural building design, interior design, exhibition design, and building restoration. The company's recent portfolio includes: Office Building of Municipal Water Works, Kozani, Diikitirio Square, Thessaloniki, Municipal Theatre of Peireas Restoration, and Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The worskhop team includes SCHEMA4 team Neli Arvanitopoulou, Dora Daki, Eleni Spartsi and George Horozoglou and associates Christina Zaromytidou, Eleni Laloumi, Elizabeth Pefani, and Yota Piperidou. THEME: B
Haris M. Roidis & Associates "Landscape"
| Landscape Design
Haris M. Roidis & Associates "LANDSCAPE" studio was founded in 1980 in Thessaloniki by landscape architect Haris Roidis. The firm undertakes the full design and construction of landscape projects. A branch office operates in Athens since 2000. More than 800 landscape architecture projects have been successfully completed and most of them constructed in Greece, Cyprus and Romania. THEME: C
Benjamin Gill
| BioRegional Consulting Ltd
As Director of BioRegional Consulting Ltd Benjamin Gill has been managing a diverse mix of projects, such as developing sustainability strategies for large scale developments, assessing the biomass supply chain for London, assessing the sustainability proposals of developers for Local Authorities, and ecological footprinting study and sustainability appraisal of new developments.
Styliane Philippou | Architect & Architectural Historian
Styliane Philippou is an architect and architectural historian. She completed her studies in Architecture at NTUA and her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. She has practiced in Athens, Edinburgh, London and Paris, and has taught architectural design, theory and history at Edinburgh and Plymouth. Her research on Brazilian Modernism has been published widely. She is the author of the book Oscar Niemeyer: Curves of Irreverence (Yale University Press, 2008). THEME: D
Rodrigo Rubio Cuadrado
| Margen
Rodrigo Rubio is an architect and urban planner and the founding member of MARGEN team with Daniel Ibanez. He specializes in the theory and practice of sustainable design and construction through digital technologies. He teaches at IAAC-Barcelona and ETSAM ľ UPM in Madrid. He co-directed the construction of the FabLabHouse for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010. He directs (FabLab) AbsolutLab in Madrid.
Vasileios Ntovros | Architect
Vasileios Ntovros is an architect graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with graduate studies at ╔┴┴C-Barcelona. Founding member of lighting team BEFORELIGHT. He has participated in F451arquitectura-Barcelona, and the 6th Biennale of young Greek architects with the passive solar design Crack-Printing Press. He practices sustainable design and the use of digital tools in construction of energy autonomous buildings. ,
Maria Koutsari & Theodoros Theodoridis
Maria Koutsari is an architect graduate of AUTH with postgraduate studies in the Institute in Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC / UPC) under the title "Self-sufficient Habitats". She co-founded "USE" architecture studio and is currently attending the postgraduate program "Regional planning and urbanism" in the NTUA. She is interested in digital design and fabrication as well as sustainable design in various scales, from small architectural projects to regional and urban planning.
Theodoros Theodoridis is an architect graduate of AUTH with graduate studies at ESARQ, UIC-Barcelona. He has been trained in the use of parametric design tools, digital fabrication and bio-mimetic strategies on design. He is working on housing projects, urban public spaces and interior design and has done parallel research in the field of cardiology as a member of a research team (parametric re-design & study on Coronary artery disease) presenting a paper on the World Congress of Cardiology in Chicago 2010 (AHA) and in the National one in Athens, in the parameterization of sailing boats and sails. THEME: C - Self-fabricated urban social design
  View Workshop W13 Video - click here
Eva Sopeoglou
| Architect
Eva Sopeoglou is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and received an M.Arch in Emerging Technology from PennDesign, University of Pennsylvania. She has practiced architecture notably for Bernard Tschumi Architects and the New Acropolis Museum, and has taught courses on sustainable design, architectural technology and design studios in Greece and AA in London. She is currently a researcher at the Bartlett School in London. THEME: C - May include an in situ full scale urban installation
Antonis Gavalas
| Architects & Associates
Antonis Gavalas is an architect engineer graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Architectural Association in energy & environment MA. Has worked in Hamilton Associates in London and since 2005 lives and works in Athens. He is mainly designing and building residential projects that aim towards the integration of simple sustainable measurements with progressive architectural elements. THEME: A
| Architects
Archigraph since 1996 provides services in the fields of architectural, interior and urban design. Archigraph is Stavros Vergopoulos, Nikos Dimtsas, Olga Efstathiou, Lina Psycholpoulou, Maria Prassa, Niki Bonti and Ourania Kalampaliki. The team is based in Thessaloniki, and collaborates towards the creation of innovative projects that respond to environmental challenges. THEME: D
M5 Architects
I.A.Tsalikidis Design Team | Landscape Architects
F. Papapetrou and M. Goutziamanis are architects and landscape architects working with the Design Team of I.A. Tsalikidis who is a professor and Dep Head of the Graduate Landscape Architecture Programme at the AUTH, with numerous publications on theoretical and practical issues on landscape analysis and evaluation, sustainable design research and Urban Green innovative trends. The workshop team includes Dr. D. Metaxa MLA, Use of plants in Landscape Design and E. Athanasiadou MLA, PHD student Sustainable Design. THEME: C
Aris Maganaris |
Architect Aris Maganaris has experience in design and construction, having worked for URS Corporation in New York and Domotechniki S.A. in Greece. As a Project Engineer he was responsible for the renovation and reconstruction of hotels, offices and storehouses in Greece and abroad. Since 2009 Aris Maganaris has his own practice in Thessaloniki with projects that include private houses, hotel and sports center in Sarajevo and two beach bars in the suburbs of Thessaloniki. THEME: A
Architecture for Humanity |
Athens Chapter
Architecture For Humanity Athens was founded in 2010 and is the local chapter of the non-profit design services firm, based in San Francisco This worldwide network of 60 chapters works on building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design. The main goal for us is to work on projects that make a difference locally, through a variety of scale and program, building safer, more sustainable and more innovative structures-structures that are assets to their communities and an ongoing testament to the ability of people to come together to envision a better future. | Athens Chapter THEME: D
George Zoidis & Styliani Lefaki | Architects

George Zoidis is a professor of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Styliani Lefaki a lecturer at the same faculty. They run together an architectural office since 1981. Their projects include award-winning competition entries and the design and construction of a series of buildings and public spaces, many of them published in Greece and abroad. Architects Collaborators: Giannis Oikonomou (oiio architects) Giannis Tsoukalas, architect, Leandros Zoidis, student architect. THEME: B

Arcanoid | Architects
Arcanoid Architects is a group of four young architects who have studied and worked in Greece, Spain and the US: Theodora Christoforidou, Dimitris Gourdoukis, Katerina Tryfonidou and Fotis Vasilakis. Based in Thessaloniki, the studio focuses on designing according to ecological principals with the use of parametric design and digital fabrication. The studio is working on housing projects, urban public spaces and interior design and has gained various awards in international and European competitions. THEME: B

TTDZ | Architects

TTDZ was founded by Tasos Tellios, architect and Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture AUTh, and Despoina Zavraka architect and landscape architect, PhD candidate at AUTh, teaching at the University of Thessaly and the Technical University of Kavala. With extended experience and many award-winning projects and competition entries, both independently and in collaborations, TTDZ covers Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape, image and Art. THEME: C
157 + 173 | Designers
157+173 designers industrial design studio was founded in 2009 in Thessaloniki by Babis Papanikolaou and Christina Tsiragelou with studies in Architecture, in London, UK and in Thessaloniki, GR. The studio has participated in various commercial exhibitions, competitions and set up custom installations. Products of the studio are distributed through resellers and online shops in Greece and the EU. The studio's uniqueness lies in the stylish combination of "low cost - eco friendly" materials and used techniques in order to bring an item to life. Workshop team: Karolos Gakidis and Ilias Pantikakis. THEME: C - May include prototypes and/or part(s) of a full scale urban installation
Isaac Meir | Desert Architecture expert
Desert Architecture expert architect Prof. Isaac Meir was born in Thessaloniki, is a graduate of the Technion Institute of Technology and the Associate Professor and former Chair of the Desert Architecture & Urban Planning, and Dept. of Man in the Desert of the Ben Gurion University (2005- 2010). He has published widely in several languages and has been Visiting Lecturer at Environment & Energy Studies, AASA, London (1992), and Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University (2000-1).
Kleio Axarli | Architect
Kleo Axarli is a professor at Aristotele University of Thessaloniki. She has over thirty years of experience in university teaching on bioclimatic architecture, applied research and consulting. She has worked on a variety of projects on aspects of building physics, energy conservation and sustainable design, and has participated in the design of passive solar domestic and public buildings. She has published books and articles and she has participated in numerous conferences presenting papers on these topics.
Workshop team includes architect Ohad Yehieli (Azrieli School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University) and Angeliki Chatzidimitriou, architect, MArch AA. THEME: C- Workshop with two parallel themes: a low income school in Thessaloniki, Greece, and one in Jericho, PA.
Brian Mark |
Mott Macdonald Fulcrum Consulting & CABE

Director of Mott Macdonald Fulcrum is an expert in the engineering of sustainable cities, a member of the UK Government Renewables Advisory Board, lead contributor to the CABE Sustainable Cities Web based resource tool, a CABE specialist Olympics enabler and Eco-towns design panel member. Brian Mark was a founding partner of Fulcrum, founder members of the UK Green Building Council. A year ago Fulcrum joined the Mott Macdonald group, international engineering design consultants for Masdar, the worlds first zero carbon city. Mott Macdonald Fulcrum Consulting | THEME: C - Green Design of a city block backyard, in collaboration with the City of Thessaloniki.

Brian Mark will also run a 'Green Engineering Surgery" for all workshops, offering 'green' engineering guidance during the workshops. More details posted in the program.
ATMO-SPHERE | Architecture & Design
Atmo-sphere is a "recycling" office, with experience in the fields of architectural and urban planning and design. Atmo-sphere members are Sasa Lada, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, Katerina Chatzikostantinou and Evita Fanou. Based in Thessaloniki the team participates in architectural competitions and workshops. Work exhibited and published widely. Focusing on environmental parameters in Architecture opens the opportunity for the re-conceptualization of design process. Consultants in sustainable design: Efi Karioti, Katerina Meresi. THEME: C - Intervention in urban spaces in the city.
Tetragon | Architecture Design Art Communication
Since 1984, Tetragon aims to combine architecture and design with art and communication. Architecture as it is expressed in Museums, Culture Spaces, urban interventions, special bulildings and exhibition spaces is the core object of its work. The architects Eleni Vretzaki, Giotis Ioannidis and Ilias Papadopoulos, surrounded by able architects, designers, graphic artists and technicians are the creative part of the company. Workshop leading team includes also: Alexios Pissaridis, Ioanna Papadopoulou and Stratos Bacalis. THEME: B - Design an Eco Camping in Paliouri.
Architecture for Humanity | London Chapter, UK
Architecture For Humanity UK is the London Chapter of the international charity, Architecture for Humanity. We provide pro-bono design services for charities and communities looking to build, within key themes of scarce resources and appropriate design. Our current projects include an eco-lodge in the Upper East region of Ghana, an early development centre in rural Nepal and clubhouse in Uganda. Over the last 6 years, we have developed an innovative component system for temporary centres with the UK homelessness charity, Crisis.
Katherine McNeil, an architect and director with AFH London, will lead the ECOWEEK 2011 workshop. Trained at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, Katherine has worked with leading practices in London and taught at the Mackintosh and Kingston Schools of Architecture. She specializes in complex projects with a focus on context, process and community. THEME: D
K&K Architects | Architects
K&K Architects was established in 2000 by Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoxenidou. The studio deals with a variety of projects that range from exhibition design and commercial spaces to private residential projects. Projects also include participations in competitions and research programmes on urban strategies and the integration of architecture and landscape. The studio focuses on the creation of spaces that combine a strong and clear identity with an experiential nature that encourages interaction and involvement. Environmental issues consultant: Aris Tsagrassoulis.
Lois Papadopoulos | Architect
Professor Lois Papadopoulos teaches Architecture, Architecture Theory and Criticism at the School of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece. He was occasionally engaged as an architectural and urban space -strategy consultant for state or municipal institutions. Working through various professional schemes, he has been involved in projects of architectural and/or urban design. He has been also the curator of complex international cultural events, often participating in their architectural installation. His publications, books and essays, trace the generation of social meaning of Architecture on its blurred borderline with Art practices.
Maria Stefanidis | Architect
Maria Stefanidis has recently returned to Greece, after working as an architect in New York with G TECTS and Skidmore Owings and Merrill for projects that range from cultural, retail and office spaces to urban interventions. She has taught postgraduate design studios in Columbia University GSAPP and Harvard University GSD and she has participated in international architectural workshops in Greece, Italy, Hungary, Spain, USA and Japan. Her work has been exhibited internationally, documenting the crosspollination between art, architectural practice and research. THEME: C
ECO Middle East Peace Center | Jordan Valley
This workshop will undertake the design of the ECO Middle East Center to be located in the Jordan Valley. The newly created ECO ME is a model for social and environmental sustainability across divides. The workshop team will design a REAL PROJECT for a REAL COMMUNITY that will be further developed and finally built. The design process will include the study of three (3) alternative sites and take into consideration the program and desert climate of the Jordan Valley. The workshop team will be led by architect Dan Price (Azrieli School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University). The workshop team will include experts from Europe - TBA. Environmental consultant for the workshop is Prof. Isaac Meir (W24). THEME: D
Fili Iliopoulou & Stella Pantelia | Architects & Landscape Architects
Fili Iliopoulou and Stella Pantelia are both architects (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and National Technical University of Athens respectively) and landscape architects (Graduate School of Design, Harvard University). They are both interested in the academic field of landscape architecture, currently teaching courses on landscape design at the Technological Institute of Kavala in Drama and at the University of Patras and they have participated in various workshops, international competitions and congresses. They collaborate on architectural and landscape design projects in Greece, trying to incorporate contemporary theories and personal research on site.
Maria Vrontissi Team [K]-onstruction | Architect
Maria Vrontissi is an architect, graduate of the National Technical University of Athens and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She has been practicing architecture in Greece and abroad and has taught courses and workshops in architectural technology and design at the Universities of Thessaly and Patras, at Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech and ETH-Zurich. Since 2005 she has been leading the Team [K]-onstruction at the University of Thessaly. Team [K]-onstruction is a research group investigating the material and structural performance of the architectural artifact through custom-design and full-scale construction of small-scale architectural structures, focusing on the continuum and the complexities of the design process. THEME: C
  View Workshop W31 Video - click here
40.22. was founded by Anastasia Papadopoulou »architect with an MLA in Landscape Architecture, PhD candidate at AUTH» and Vanessa Tsakalidou »Dr. architect with a M.Arch in Architectural Design, Adjunct Lecturer teaching architectural design and theory at AUTH, senior editor of KTIRIO Architecture + Design. Their research on theory and practice, which focuses on the synthetic procedure and particularly the coexistence of opposites in architecture and the integration of built and natural environment, has been presented in numerous exhibitions and conferences, while gaining various competition awards. The studio covers the fields of Architecture, Design, Landscape and Art. Consultant in Lighting design Aris M. Klonizakis, architect AUTh, MSc UCL. THEME: C in collaboration with the City of Thessaloniki.
TU Berlin/EcoCityLab
TU Berlin/EcoCityLab is a partnership between the Technische Universitat Berlin and the EcoCityLab, a networked group of academics and students in the fields of landscape design, architecture, urban design and urban planning focused on the design of ecocities starting at the scale of the sustainable urban block (small urban cells producing their own energy, water and food and recycling their wastewaters and organic waste) and theoretically probing the notion of a new green urban aesthetic. The EcoCityLab is directed by Dr. Rafael Pizarro (PhD), a university lecturer specialised in sustainable urbanism, and Jana Milosovicova (Dipl.Ing/M.Urb.Des.), a Slovak urban designer based in Berlin. The EcoCityLab workshop is associated with two postdoctoral fellows at TU Berlin, M. Reza Shirazi (Dr.-Ing) who researches on cultural sustainability and Somaiyeh Falahat (Dr. des.) who works on sustainable architectonic prototypes. THEME: C - Seafront of Thessaloniki - In collaboration with the City of Thessaloniki

Villa Kapantzi | Yiannis Epaminondas, Architect & Emilia Costa | Architect Politecnico di Milano
Villa Kapandji is an urban residence of the 1890s, situated on the immediate outskirts of the historical centre of Thessaloniki, today a dense inhabited area. It belongs to M.I.E.T., the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (a distinguished Athens based publishing house, hosting collections, the Historical and Palaeographical Archive, the Paper Conservation Laboratory, the Cartography Archive, four bookshops in Athens and Thessaloniki plus E.L.I.A., the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive) and hosts its' Thessaloniki Center, devoted to exhibitions of visual arts and historical documents.

This historic building on the immediate outskirts of the historic center of Thessaloniki houses the Cultural Center of the National Bank of Greece. This building will be the base of a workshop led by architect Yiannis Epaminondas, director of the Cultural Center, and Arch. Prof. Emilia Costa of Politecnico di Milano, which will investigate ways to turn this historic monument, once belonging to a Donme family, into an ecological building. THEME: B
Eu Zen Architecture
EuZen Architecture is a group of architects whose aim is to offer a holistic approach in designing spaces. Design acts locally and socially integrating landscape, natural laws and human needs in a sustainable way. We are conscious of local climate and use of ecological materials as well as low technology methods. The work ranges from art, interior and garden design to buildings, master regeneration and urban planning. Since 1986 services are provided in private and public sector. Based at the moment in Thessaloniki, the team has acomplished projects in England, Germany and Greece as well as lecturing in architecture and design. It consists of Theodora Kyriafini, Dipl.-Ing. Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Germany, Androniki Lymperiadou DipArch Kingston University U.K., Fotini Lymperiadou, DipArch University College London U.K. Collaborator: Thanasis Manoloudis, MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings, Cardiff University U.K. THEME: A
Nicos Kalogirou & Tatiana Tzaka | Architects
Nicos Kalogirou is architect (AUTH 1975) with post-graduate studies in Paris (DEA EHESS 1976 and Paris 1, 1977, Diplome CRU, 1976-79 and Doctorat Paris 1, 1979). He is a professor of the School of Architecture of Thessaloniki and academic coordinator of the post-graduate program of Environmental Design of the Greek Open University. He has presented his views and ideas in periodicals, newspapers, television as well as in the radio having an emission he presented himself about architecture and the city. His applied work concerning architectural and urban design has been published in special editions, exhibitions and has received prizes in architectural competitions.

Tatiana Tzaka has studied architecture in Greece, where she obtained her diploma (AUTH 2005), in Italy (Universite degli studi di Firenze), and postgraduate studies in Austria (MSc in Urban Strategies, Universitat for Angewandte Kunst Wien 2007). Currently she is PhD candidate at the AUTH. Since 2007 she has been teaching architectural and urban design studios at AUTH and has at the same time instructed several workshops in Universities in Greece and abroad, including a program of the AA in London. She has worked in the past with the architectural team of CoopHimmelb(l)au in Vienna, while currently she is practicing architecture in Thessaloniki, independently and in collaboration with several architects.

The workshop team also includes architect Kaliopi Limpou (M.Sc. AA in Sustainable Design).
THEME: C- Ecological intervention in the area of the historic Lycee on Iktinou (architect Mitsakis) and the surrounding landscape - in collaboration with the City of Thessaloniki.
ANELIXI Civil Society | Ecological Architecture

ANELIXI Civil society for the research, promotion & dissemination of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) applications and Ecological Architecture was constituted in order to promote bioclimatic design and clean building technologies, as well as the dissemination of their applications, in Greece. Furthermore, to research and develop new building technologies, clean, safe and in harmony with the environmental equilibrium. ANELIXI is a non-governmental organization accumulating a 20-year-spanning, wide-ranging experience on ecological design, construction and training. Its 65-member, multidisciplinary team of associates consists of scientists/specialists, researchers and technicians. It is administered by a chairman and a 6-member Administration Board, representing the sum of its activities. Chairman: Elli Georgiadou, Architect. Members: Mary Tsitsi, Civil Engineer, Eleni Kairi, Architect, Kiki Deliousi, Architect, Alexis Stefanidis, Renovation and Restoration Engineer, Nikos Protogeros, Civil Engineer, Eleni Grammatikou, Architectural Technician. THEME: A - Workshop language: GREEK ONLY

ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
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ECOWEEK 2010 in Athens: Workshop Presentations click here
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ECOWEEK 2009: Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2009: Ecology + Leadership + Architecture Workshop
The interdisciplinary design workshops of ECOWEEK 2009 dealt with the site of the former international airport of Athens in Hellenikon. The groups did not attempt to repeat the international competition on the site; neither give tips to improve the official plans for the site; neither attempted to impose architectural symbols and schemes from abroad. The workshops rather attempted to re-approach this important site for Athens and the residents of the Metropolitan city, based on ecology, locality, community and sustainability. More

ECOWEEK 2009: Workshop leaders

ECOWEEK 2008: Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2008 & AIACE: Ecology + Environment + Architecture Workshop
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