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GENERAL New Economics Foundation (NEF)
Blackle Conserve energy while you surf the net with Google Blog by Dr. Petros Tzeferis Non-smokers club of Greece
Ecological Renovation in Jerusalem Video
YouTube | Vimeo
Ecological renovation of apartment in Jerusalem - by Elias Messinas architect Passive House in Greece Passive House in Greece One Planet Living One Planet Living
jerusalem seminar movie Jerusalem Seminar 2009 - Green Design from Theory to Practice Building carbon neutral buildings
greenbuildingsNYC Ecological building for architects Eco-cities in China
Green Source Ecological building for architects
USGBC U.S. Green Building Council - LEED Certification program
Building Green Building Green or Green Specs
GreenSpec Directory Read online at AmazonOnlineReader
Green Spec Green Specs UK
GreenGuard GreenGuard Environmental Institute -
for clean indoor air
Pharos Project An initiative of the Health Building Network of Washington, DC ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability Architecture 2030 / Edward Mazria Presentation of 'Passive House' Examples of Passive Houses' Examples of Passive Houses' Examples of Passive Houses' Building with earth Green Municipalities of British Columbia S.OL.AR. - Association for Holistic Architecture and Ecological Building Blogspot of S.OL.AR. Kostas & Themis Tsipiras architects website Elias Messinas architect website
Eco-Footprint (Israel) Calculate your ecological footprint The Green Thinker Network
Global Warning
Water Planet
Watch two short documentaries with narration by Leonardo di Caprio Calculate your CO2 emissions Calculate your CO2 emissions Calculate your CO2 emissions Calculate your CO2 emissions (Europe) Calculate & reduce your CO2 emissions Calculate your CO2 emissions of your air travel The cost of CO2 emissions offseting Carbon Footprint National Energy Foundation UK webpage for energy Robert Swan's webpage Turn off your lights on March 31, 7:30-8:30 pm Offset your carbon emissions Hellenic Wind Power Scientific Association Photovoltaics Association GMOs
Yale Climate Conference Yale Conference on Climate Change closing session with Leonardo Di Caprio - 18-19 September 2017
Kerry Initiative Climate Change
Kerry Initiative at Yale
Secretary of State John Kerry Initiative on Climate Change at Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs - 18-19 September2017
An_Inconvenient_Sequel:_Truth_to_Power "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" film on Climate Change with Al Gore
Watch the documentary

"Before the Flood" film on Climate Change with Leonardo Di Caprio "Mechants of Doubt" film on the confusion about Climate Change
Interview with Anthony Leiserowitz Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, appear on Moyers & Company (2013) European Environmental Office EU and Environment Kioto Accord and UN UN Program for the Environment UN IPCC for Climate Change The Climate Group
An Inconvenient Truth Website for "An Inconvenient Truth" Neutralize your global warming impact online The climate project Take action to stop global warming
The11thhour Leonardo di Caprio's "11th Hour" for global warming ECO-website of Leonardo di Caprio
CHILDREN* Endangered Animals Environment for kids About water The Water Cycle for Kids Great ways to go green! Water saving tips
* The CHILDREN section was added thanks to the suggestion by the 5th grade students of Ms. A. McV. of the Clearly Mountain Union Free School District in Minnesota, USA.
* Links were added by the Science class of Ms. N. G. at Mesa Valley High School in Arizona (thank you Samantha!).
* Links were also added thanks to the suggestion of L.P. Science teacher - thank you Laura!

We are proud to say, that according to teachers, the ECOWEEK LINK page has been serving them as reference material for their class assignments. In exchange, they shared more links to make the page better for more students to use. If you are using our page and you wish to enrich this list you are welcome to share more links.
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