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ECOWEEK is an international non-governmental non-profit independent organization.

> ECOWEEK mission is to raise awareness on environmental issues, Climate Change and and to promote the principles of Sustainability. Established in Greece in 2005, ECOWEEK is active in more than 15 countries with a Network of students and young professionals in more than 40 countries around the world. ECOWEEK is about education, co-operation and sustainable design. ECOWEEK programs are inspired by the vision of Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy to empower young professionals to benefit their communities.

> ECOWEEK activity includes international conferences, 'green' design workshops, programs in schools, the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE, towards environmental protection, 'green' design and the adoption of daily habits such as household waste recycling and organic waste composting, energy conservation and 'green' building

ECOWEEK was established on the island of Aegina, Greece in 2005. Today its activity spreads in several countries with a network in more than 40 countries. Since 2009 ECOWEEK has been running programs for young professionals - primarily architects, landscape architects, designers and engineers - around issues of sustainability, 'green' design, social and environmental entrepreneurship, and innovation.

More about ECOWEEK progarms for young professionals, and in schools.