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ECOWEEK WORKSHOPS are an integral component of the ECOWEEK International Conference since 2008. Workshops for young architects and students of Architecture have been taking place since 2009.

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ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Theme: Urban Communities & Green Architecture
Registration only

ECOWEEK Workshops are the international annual high-profile architectural event of Greece. The ECOWEEK design workshops give the opportunity to young professionals and graduate students of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Artists, and other professions, to work side by side with known or emerging architects, designers, engineers, and artists from Greece and abroad, and to learn from them the principles of 'green' Architecture and sustainable design.

ECOWEEK 2011 Worshops are supported by lectures by experts in the building, engineering and environmental professions.

ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Workshop Project Presentatations

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ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops | Registration only

Urban Sustainability: Green urban intervention & landscape design.
Social & Community Sustainability: Design to benefit community/organization.
New Building Sustainability: Zero emissions new passive-solar building.
Existing Building Sustainability: 'Green' upgrade, reuse and expand.
Integration of 'Green' Industry & Design: Technology, design & sustainability..
  Suggested SITES for Urban Sustainability (THEME A):
Suggested sites :
In the City of Athens : Click here (PDF 1.6 MB)
>> Please note that Plateia Ksouthou has been removed from the list upon the request of the City of Athens (update 17/10/11).
In cooperation and with the guidance of the City of Athens. These are sites that the City of Athens intends to develop. These projects may lead to real projects. ECOWEEK wishes to thank the City of Athens for this cooperation.

>> Please review the workshop descriptions below and THEME before choosing the workshop of your choice.

Stelios Zerefos & Christos Tessas | Zerefos Tessas Architects
Zerefos Tessas Architects Engineering Consultants is an award winning firm founded in 2005. Its innovative projects promote contemporary architectural debate while respecting the environment. Projects range from private residences and office buildings to research institutes and museums that integrate micro-climatic and energy considerations early in the design process. The firm has been widely published. Collaborating architect Danae Frantzi-Gounari (MSc Sustainable Environmental Design, AA) will assist in the Athens 2011 workshop. www.zerefos-tessas.gr

Workshop brief: The site selected to be studied in the workshop is located South-West of the archaeological site of the Academy of Plato. It contains an existing derelict building which will be redesigned and refurbished to accommodate a community centre which will intensify the loose coherency of the local urban tissue. The creation of a place to meet, study, educate and have fun will strengthen community bonds, while at the same time will respect the environment through its design and functions."

Antonis Gavalas
| Architects & Associates
Antonis Gavalas is an architect engineer graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Architectural Association in energy & environment MA. Has worked in Hamilton Associates in London and since 2005 lives and works in Athens. He is mainly designing and building residential projects that aim towards the integration of simple sustainable measurements with progressive architectural elements. www.gavalasarchitects.gr

The site of the project is Plateia Klonaridi, one of the sites suggested by the City of Athens. See here. The brief of the workshop will be posted shortly.
Architecture for Humanity | Athens Chapter

Architecture For Humanity Athens was founded in 2010 and is the local chapter of the non-profit design services firm, based in San Francisco This worldwide network of 60 chapters works on building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design. The main goal for us is to work on projects that make a difference locally, through a variety of scale and program, building safer, more sustainable and more innovative structures-structures that are assets to their communities and an ongoing testament to the ability of people to come together to envision a better future. Workshop leader is architect Chryssa Nikoloutsou. More workshop leaders will be posted shortly. www.architectureforhumanity.org | Athens Chapter

Benjamin Gill
| BioRegional Consulting Ltd & Aris Liakopoulos, Dipl.-Ing. Architect | aliasarchitects

Benjamin Gill as Director of BioRegional Consulting Ltd has been managing a diverse mix of projects, such as developing sustainability strategies for large scale developments, assessing the biomass supply chain for London, assessing the sustainability proposals of developers for Local Authorities, and ecological footprinting study and sustainability appraisal of new developments. www.bioregional.com

Aris P. Liakopoulos is a graduate of RWTH Aachen, Germany. Since 2006 he is partner of aliasarchitects office for architecture, urbanstructure and intersections. The office works on total building solutions and sustainable urban design. From the beginning of his profession he works and realizes project with green, bioclimatic parameters in architecture and urban development. He has realized projects in Germany and Greece. He has participated in several architectural and urban design competitions. www.aliasarchitects.com

The project will focus on the design of a 'green' school based on the principles of One Planet Living and passive solar design, and the site of the project is Akadimia Paltonos, one of the sites suggested by the City of Athens. See here. The brief of the workshop will be posted shortly.

Consultants and/or architects are expected to support the work of this workshop.

Athanasios Polyzoidis
| Architect - Landscape Architect
Katerina Petsiou | Architect

Athanasios Polyzoidis studied Architecture (National Technical University of Athens - NTUA) and Landscape Architecture (Master Arquitectura del Paisaje - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya UPC - ETSAB). He has worked in firms in Barcelona and Athens where has taken part in various landscape projects (Spain, Greece, Middle East). He was granted awards in national architectural competitions and he has participated in the VI European Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. He practices architecture and landscape architecture with special interests in public space, urban regeneration and landscape ecology.
Katerina Petsiou graduated from the School of Architecture at Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) - Erasmus Programm Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV). She has attended the ''Arte, Arquitectura y Espacios efimeros'' master's program (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya UPC- ETSAB). She has worked in firms in Barcelona dealing with various scales from residential buildings to public space projects. She was granted awards in national architectural and graphic design competitions. She practices architecture with special interests in urban regeneration, urban culture and ephemeral public spaces.

Workshop brief: 'Ecological collective space' The aim of the workshop is the regeneration and the environmental upgrade of Machis Analaton Square in order to function as an ecological collective public space for the neighborhood and the broader area. In the case-study area, the ecological approach focuses both on 1) the green element / the "invasion" of the natural landscape into the urban structure, the bioclimatic design and the improvement of the area's microclimate, as well as on 2) the exploration of methods for urban sustainability through the active participation of people and even the exploitation of discarded urban materials. The workshop is oriented towards a bioclimatic sustainable project which is easy to apply, of low maintenance cost, that may constitute a "green" reference point that empowers the social interaction between the city's inhabitants as well as promotes the ecological consciousness. Brief
Nicholas Anastasopoulos | Architect

Nicholas Anastasopoulos is an architect and a researcher in environmental management, alternative forms of habitation and eco-communities. Lecturer at NTUA (National Technical University of Athens). Graduate of NTUA and Yale University. (MArch Yale U, 1985, A.S. Onassis Foundation scholar). He has an architectural practice in Athens since 1996 and has worked on projects of urban and landscape scales. Has taught in institutions in Greece and the US (NTUA Athens, AKTO, Patras University, Parsons School of Design and New School for Social Research, NY). Co-founding member and programs coordinator of the Non-profit organization TREE (Take Responsibility for Environmental Efficiency) and member of various groups for urban activism and public art (Urban Void/ Athens, En Garde Arts/ New York among others). Former President of the Management Board of Schinias-Marathon National Park (MBSMNP). Founder of the collective for the Initiative of the first Marathon Ecofestival. Workshop brief

Agnes Couvelas, Architect, Landscape Architect
| Couvelas+Kouvelas

Since 1969 Agnes Couvelas has her own architecture firm in Athens, operating in the field of architectural projects in a wide area of applications such as museums, archaeological parks and private residences. Among those projects are the Marathon Tumulus Archaeological Park, the In-Situ Archaeological Museum in Naxos, The museum of Prehistoric Thera rehabilitation and "The house of the Winds" on Santorini Island. Durability, livability and energy conservation are primary requirements of her work and are incorporated through specific manipulations to environmentally friendly design of her buildings. She lectures in architecture in Greece and abroad. www.couvelas.net

Workshop topic: The workshop will address environmental issues in the densely used seashore zone of Glyfada. The present uses will be examined (including the marinas, the beaches, the tramway line access and the various commercial activities) as well as their interrelationship (THEME B). Proposals will focus on community sustainability by means of integrating the disturbed marine habitat in the built environment, thus increasing the presence of the natural world in this tight fabric of public space.

Thomas Doxiadis, Architect, Landscape Architect | doxiadis+

Thomas Doxiadis, ASLA. Born in Athens. Architect Harvard University M. Arch (1998), Landscape Architect Harvard University MLA (1998), BA Harvard University (1992). former Associate Professor, University of Patras. former Associate Professor, University of Thessaly. Assistant Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Manager, Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Athens 2004 (1999-2003). Agency Director of Planning and Environmental Protection of Athens (1999-2001). Head of consulting offices doxiadis + which negotiates the architecture and landscape architecture on the basis of environmental planning and landscape ecology.www.doxiadisplus.com

Workshop topic: The workshop will focus on the site of Akadimia Platonos and THEME A : Urban Sustainability: Green urban intervention & landscape design andTHEME B : Social & Community Sustainability: Design to benefit community/organization. For more information on Akadimia Platonos, see the sites suggested by the City of Athens [See here].

Thanos N. Stasinopoulos | Oikotekton & Prof. Isaac Meir | Desert Architecture Ben Gurion University

Thanos N. Stasinopoulos is a graduate of NTUA School of Architecture, where he has been teaching since 1978. After his degree from Architectural Association Graduate School in 1985, he has contributed to AA Environment & Energy Studies programme as teaching assistant (1985-88) and visiting lecturer (1993-99). He has also taught at U.Patras Department of Architecture, TEI Patras, and University of Athens. His doctorate thesis on solar radiation (1999) is one of his numerous publications on architectural & environmental topics. He has been involved in more than 120 design & construction projects, alongside visual & applied arts.

Desert Architecture expert architect Prof. Isaac Meir was born in Thessaloniki, is a graduate of the Technion Institute of Technology and the Associate Professor and former Chair of the Desert Architecture & Urban Planning, and Dept. of Man in the Desert of the Ben Gurion University (2005- 2010). He has published widely in several languages and has been Visiting Lecturer at Environment & Energy Studies, AASA, London (1992), and Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University (2000-1).

Workshop brief: Sustainable Urban Design - Greenery vs. asphalt. The workshop will cover urban climate factors (density, geometry, materials, traffic, vegetation), focusing on Urban Heat Island (origins, consequences, mitigation) as it exists in Athens. Following a review of the role of open spaces (climatic, social, practical), the project will aim to enhance greenery and expand social space in Akadimia Platonos, one of the sites suggested by the City of Athens [See here].

Workshop brief: ENGLISH | GREEK | Article: Building on Climate Change
Fair City

Fair trade Hellas is a Greek Non Governmental - Non profit Organization founded in 2004. The organization was the first one to promote the idea of Fair Trade in Greece, a philosophy that battles poverty on a global scale.
M. Sarli | Founder and President Fair Trade Hellas
E. Kareta |Project Manager Fair Trade Hellas

theSwitch place identity has been active in designing spaces for brands and organizations since 2005, while developing design processes and supporting initiatives on place identity awareness in Greek neighborhoods and cities.
Mary Karatza |Strategic designer

V. Ntovros | Architect AUTH, MAA IAAC-UPC Founding member of lighting team BEFORELIGHT. He practices sustainable design and the use of digital tools in construction of energy autonomous buildings. www.beforelight.gr

M. Koutsari | Architect AUTH, MAA IAAC-UPC Co-founder of "USE" architecture studio. She is interested in digital design and fabrication as well as sustainable design in various scales, from small architectural projects to regional and urban planning. www.usearchitecture.gr

K. Grigoropoulou | Architect UTH, MA LMU She is interested in designing in different contexts and scales: buildings, furniture, lighting devices etc, creating atmospheres for the users, trying to enhance the experience through creating a narrative in design, as well as in presentation. www.katerinagrigoropoulou.com

OIIO architects | Architecture office The architectural office oiio is an Athens based group of architects, urbanists and researchers practicing on the study and realization of built as well as un-built environment. www.oiio.gr | Brief

a r t r e e t e a m: Pani Stathopoulou, Eleni Polychronatou, Louisa Stathopoulou and team

The NGO 'artreeteam' is focusing on environmental art and design, ecology and environmental education. The team's philosophy is that, people through art can be educated and inspired towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious behaviour. The team has also initiated the project "Arc C" (c=cyclamen) an Environmental Art Monument in Greek mountains. The project consists of artworks, which are in development, that address the ecological dimensions of these fires and the challenges of resilience and regeneration. artreeteam was founded after the catastrophic fires that occurred in the Greek forests in 2007. www.artreeteam.gr

Workshop brief: The aim of the workshop is to design interventions, which will enhance the city space for the pedestrians. The interventions will be designed following the principles of aesthetics, design and sustainability in order to promote the idea of sustainable cities. The workshop will lead two sculptors with professional experience on environmental art and environmental education, two architects, one civil engineer, one industrial designer, one surveyor/environmentalist and one organizational and one psychologist with expertise on architectural space.

The title of the workshop is 'PEZOPOLIS', a word that in Greek translates... a city of pedestrians! The aim of this workshop is to design 'green' interventions for the city of Athens, which will promote the message of sustainable cities and enhance the cityscape that the pedestrians experience. The aim of this workshop is to design urban interventions, which improve and enhance the experience of the pedestrians in a city. The team of experts leading the workshop will work on the basis of the following statement: A "viable" urban intervention has to be environmentally designed. This means that it has to take into consideration not only the appropriate use of time, space, materials and energy, but also its effect on the surrounding environment in terms of scale and usability. Each intervention can be a habitat, which is situated inside a larger ecosystem (the city par example). In order for it to be sustainable, it has to follow the rules of nature, to be autonomous and to interact harmoniously with its surroundings. Furthermore, the equilibrium of this system lies on the economy of nature, which depends on the interaction of shapes, colors, uses etc. In any case 'green' interventions proposed through this workshop should have an aesthetic value, as the aesthetic values that define an artifact can reveal the meaning of beauty, leading to an environmental ethic through environmental aesthetic, in a simple and natural way.
The workshop will be lead by: Pani Stathopoulou, sculptor, ENSBA, educator, PhD Philosophy, NKUA Eleni Polychronatou, artist, educator, PhD History of Art, ASFA Louisa Stathopoulou, industrial designer MA, RCA Nikos Detsis, civil engineer, NTUA Giannis Rozos, architect, NTUA Mairi Tzortzis, architect, NTUA Natalia Blana, surveyor, environmentalist, NTUA Vivian Karavia, organizational and architectural psychologist, MSc.

  W12 : WORKSHOP CANCELED THEME: To be announced
Antonios Kontadakis | Engineer Team for Passive Solar Design

The workshop has been canceled.

AREA | Architects, Athens

AREA (Architecture Research Athens) is a professional design practice established in 2006 by architects Styliani Daouti, Giorgos Mitroulias and Michael John Raftopoulos. Having met in New York City, they chose to return to Athens in order to participate in the recent dynamic transformations of the architectural landscape in Greece. In 2006 they received distinction for an open European architectural competition for vacation houses in Scroponeri, Greece, and in 2007 they were awarded 1st prize in an open European competition for 220 housing units in Kardia (Thessaloniki). AREA is involved in various exhibitions and research projects, teach a design studio at the University of Thessaly as well as contribute to architecture magazines. AREA was among the five finalists for the Art Fund Pavilion International Architecture Competition, out of 600 entries from 52 countries. www.areaoffice.gr | Brief

Panayiotis Tzinis | Innovation Governance, Athens

W@ : Inputs for a roadmap towards Smart Community in Athens @Panormou more

Panayotis Tzinis is an Innovation Governor. As Innovation Governance Consultant for several Multinational Corporation and Government Organizations at Local, National and European level, former Secretary General of the Green World European Science, Innovation and Business Council, founder of the SG4SG World Council, Executive Director of the technology and innovation platform ETP4GREEN and founder and CEO of eyennovation, he has dedicated several years in implementing strategies and actions towards the assimilation, adaptation and adoption of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and, lately, of the IoT (Internet of Things) to communicate within Social, Environmental and user contexts for an increased qualitative societal life. Specialized in EU energy and Green projects, he and his team, will present the @Panormou project: the concept and development of a Smart Community based on ICT and IoT structures and infrastructure. Resident, either private or businesses or Public, as user of the Smart Community.

Eleni Stathaki studied architecture at NTUA, holds a Master degree in Arts from Leiden University of Netherlands and is currently attending the postgraduate program 'Architectural Design - Space - Culture' of the NTUA.
Stavrianna Stathaki holds a degree in Architecture from NTUA and an MSc in 'Real Estate Management and Development' from Herriot-Watt University in Scotland.
Irene Filippopoulou studied architecture at NTUA and holds a Master degree in 'Architettura bioecologica e tecnologie sostenibili per l'ambiente' from the University of Rome La Sapienza.
After having worked in several firms, the architects formed 17.06.architecture, in 2009. As a group they have collaborated mostly in the design of private projects and participated in several competitions. One of the main interests of their practice is the interaction of contemporary green architecture with modern innovative and sustainable solutions.
For further information Smart_Athens[at]sg4sg.eu | Brief

Eirini Androutsopoulou & Simos Vamvakidis | Architects

Eirini Androutsopoulou holds a Diploma in Architecture (NTUA) and a Masters degree with Distinction in Architectural Design (March, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL). She is currently a PhD candidate (School of Architecture, NTUA) with scholarships from the Hellenic Republic (IKY) and the A. S. Onassis foundation. She has participated in several architectural competitions (Honourable mention at the international competition for the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem) and is currently participating at the courses at the School of Architecture, NTUA, as a PhD candidate. Her work has been published in Greek and international architecture magazines ("Architectural Design" international magazine, "Digital Cities", Bartlett Designs: Speculating with Architecture", 2009) and has been exhibited in Greece and abroad.

Simos Vamvakidis holds a BSc in civil engineering (TE) and a Diploma in architectural engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He was awarded the Fulbright and Mihelis scholarships prior his master's at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA, MArchII). He has worked on the design & construction of public and private spaces and buildings and has been awarded in international architectural competitions. He has being teaching at NTUA since 2008 as lecturer "407" and as a PhD candidate, focusing on digital & parametric design and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies. He is interested in any architectural gesture that negotiates /proposes / poses questions related to the way we experience and interact with the public / private spaces and the people within them, based on today's social, economic and cultural context. He sometimes gives in to technological experimentations that come to clad an architectural idea.

Workshop topic: Theme E: Integration of 'Green' Industry & Design: Technology, design & sustainability. Brief

Alexandros Avlonitis & Panagiotis Sarlis | Architects

Alexandros Avlonitis studied architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ecole díArchitecture de Nancy and holds a Masterís degree from Columbia University in New York. He has worked in firms in Athens. Since 2009 he runs his own creative office being granted awards in national and international architectural competitions focusing mainly in public space and its human impact.

Panagiotis Sarlis studied architecture at the University of Patras and then worked in firms in Athens. Since 2009, after returning back, holding his Masterís degree from Columbia University in New York, he started running his own creative office, practicing mainly on housing projects. He has participated in numerous national and international architectural competitions.

The workshop will be supported by the lighting designer,Thanasis Danilof.

Workshop topic: The site of the workshop is Kypselis Square, one of the sites suggested by the City of Athens . The nature of the 'urban square' as a neighborhood's vital component can only be conceived through the understanding of the area's context and its spatial circumstances. The team, while working on Kypselis Square, is called to cope with strategic design, communal and collective consciousness, social responsibility and urban sustainability. The workshop aims to explore the means to boost social interaction and the resetting of the urban square -by definition- as the neighborhood's dynamic reference point.


Lina Stergiou is founder and director of LS/Architecture & Strategies. By focusing on inventive design approach and research-oriented experimentation, by working on urbanism, buildings, interior environments and objects and by following workshop culture it adopts a twofold philosophy of design: low budget - innovative solutions, recyclable materials - eco-friendly design. Lina Stergiou is also the co-founder and director of the non-profit organization 4 Life Strategies, the body to conceive and implement the Against All Odds project with the mission to strategically and proactively design actions for life. AAO project started in 2011 and is a triennial series of actions and events with the philosophy to promote design as action of relief, as source of inspiration and as tool for building equality (www.aaoproject.org).
www.ls-architecture.com | Workshop brief
Consultants and/or architects are expected to support the work of this workshop.

ECOWEEK 2011: Workshops
Support Materials | Registration only

Download : Climatic Data (Athens Asteroskopeio)
Download : Climatic Data (Spata Airport)
CLICK HERE For workshops presentation instructions and guidelines

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ECOWEEK 2009: Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2009: Ecology + Leadership + Architecture Workshop
The interdisciplinary design workshops of ECOWEEK 2009 dealt with the site of the former international airport of Athens in Hellenikon. The groups did not attempt to repeat the international competition on the site; neither give tips to improve the official plans for the site; neither attempted to impose architectural symbols and schemes from abroad. The workshops rather attempted to re-approach this important site for Athens and the residents of the Metropolitan city, based on ecology, locality, community and sustainability. More

ECOWEEK 2009: Workshop leaders

ECOWEEK 2008: Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2008 & AIACE: Ecology + Environment + Architecture Workshop
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